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Korey Wise was born on 26th July 1972, and he is a prominent American activist who fights for criminal justice reform around the United States. Wise is well-known for his story of being convicted falsely in the Jogger Case of Central Park, where he was accused of attacking a 28-year-old woman named Trisha Meili who was jogging in the area. She also accused eight other people, including Raymond Santana, Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, and Yusef Salaam. Wise was incarcerated for fourteen years, and he kept his innocence from the beginning to the end.

Early Life

The crime of Colorado Park took place in 1989 on 19th August. The case mainly focused on the sexual assault of Trisha Meili, and she was a white woman who was jogging in the area. She used to work as an asset banker and was twenty-eight. She was assaulted so severely that she remained in a coma for twelve days. He was arrested with Antron McCray

Wise was just sixteen and one of the oldest of the five people incarcerated with suspected connection to the crime. He was the only Central Park Five to serve his incarceration time in an adult system. He was not on the suspicion list initially, and he was caught with his friend just hanging around the area. He accompanied the police to the station, even though he was not on the original suspects’ list.

Career Beginning

Wise donated to the Colorado University Law School a sum of 190,000 dollars in 2015 to make Innocence Project. The project was eventually renamed, and it acquired the name of Korey Wise Innocence Project. His story became a catalog of Netflix when they released When They See Us, where the story was transformed into a miniseries. The role of Korey was played by Jharrel Jerome, and he received the outstanding lead actor award from Primetime Emmy in 2019 for his performance in the movie.

Korey has also brought a condominium that overlooks Central Park in 2019, and he is the only person who still resides in New York City after he got released. He has also helped provide sustenance to senior citizens who are living in Harlem in the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Personal Life

When Korey was serving prison time, he missed out on several important happenings in his family. He could not be a guest at the funeral of Marci, his older sister, who was a trans woman. She was born as Norman and was kicked out by the matriarch of Wise because of her lifestyle. Korey also has a little sister named Vanity Wise, and she is also a trans woman.

Lisa was his childhood sweetheart who grew apart from him after his connection to the crime. She passed away before Korey’s case got overturned. The two grew alienated after Korey was arrested, and he finds the story incredibly heartbreaking. Wise sometimes speaks about her and follows her name with ‘Rest in Peace.

Net Worth

The current approximate net worth of Korey Wise is about 12 million dollars, and he has accumulated this wealth by doing work in television and media. He is mainly prominent for his charity work, but he has also done significant media articles and news.

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