Kyle had mad ever career as an actor. He had seen in many movies that he had done in his career. He is more known as Massey. He is from Atlanta, which is in Georgia. He was seen in many Disney Channel, mainly named That A Raven. It was the spin-off of the show, which was known as Cory in the House. He was also starred in the movie Cory in the House, the Disney Channel Original Movie. Rather than doing movies, he also made music albums in his career. 

Kyle Massey’s Early Life

Kyle was brought down on this earth on 28th August of 1991. He was born in the land of Atlanta, which Is in Georgia. He is the minor brother of Christopher Massey. His brother used to play Michael Barret in a television series named Zoey 101. The name of his parents is still not available. The information is still not available on the internet. The place of schooling is not public. There is no such information about his business of education and the name of his school. Their childhood was fascinating as he was more in acting and musical career. Then he chose what he wanted to do in his career. 

Kyle Massey’s Career

He had started his career in the year 1999. He was seen in the ma y dancing shows and the movies. He was being caught in 2003 when he was seen playing the role of the Coxy Baxter in the Disney Channel known as That So Raven. He was there for about four seasons. After it was being confirmed that he was also seen in the spin-off show named Cory In The House. In 2005, he also saw in the Disney channel Orginal movies, which was called Life is Ruff. He had given the voice in the Movie named Fish Hooks for the Fish Milo. He had okayed the role of the PJ Watson In the PBS Children educational series named as The Electric Company. He was also appeared in the Disney Channel Holiday soundtrack and he was also in the Shaggy Dog soundtrack. He had done the performed in the “Who Let the Dog out “and the Jingle Bells. He rapped a song whose name is Cory in the House. He rapped a song named “It’s a Dog .” He has performed in some films, and they are Beethoven Christmas Adventures, Senior Project, Ripped, Bad Company, and Dutch. He had done some television series such as Selma Lord Selma, PassingGlory, The Parker’s, That Was then, The District, Becker, That’s So Raven, The Practice, Life Is Ruff, American Dragon: Jake Long, Cory In the House and Yin Yang Yo. THE electric Company, Fish Hooks, Comedy Bang Bang!, and much more television series he had done.

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Kyle Massey’s Personal Life

In 2015, he was arrested and he was charged with the crime that he had committed. He was being detained with other four others. He was sent for one year to jail. After that, he was charged with the crime that he had sent nude pics of 13 years old to the girl. He had demanded that he needed the 1.5 million; otherwise, he would take public the photos. 

Kyle Massey’s net worth

He holds a net worth of $3 million which he had gained from the albums he had done in his career timeline. He had done ma g movies and music albums under various labels and with many artists. 

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