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Lil Peep was born on first November 1996, and his real name was Gustav Elijah Ahr. He was a prominent rapper, singer, model, and songwriter from America. Peep was a child of two graduates from Harvard who divorced when he was a teen. Gustav then tried incorporating the struggles of the working-class in his compositions and music despite his affluent background. He was also a member of GothBoiClique, an Emo rap collective. He has also helped pioneer a style of emo-revival rock and rap music. Lil Peep has earned the title of a leading figure in the mid to late 2010s rap scene. He was also a big inspiration to youths and outcast subcultures.

Early Life

Lil Peep is originally from Pennsylvania, and his mother was a first-grade teacher named Liza Womack, and his father was a college professor named Karl Johan Ahr. He also had one sibling named Karl Oskar Ahr, and they grew up in New York. His parents were both graduates from Harvard and but later ended up divorcing. Peep’s father was absent primarily when he was growing up, and his mother formally divorced him when Peep was fourteen. Peep studied at the Lindell Elementary School in the Long Beach Area, but he was primarily absent. Peep still scored good grades in education as he liked studying alone at home. Later he decided to drop out of high school and took classes online to acquire his final diploma. Shortly after, he also commenced his adventure in SoundCloud and YouTube. Peep developed his first tattoo on his face at the age of eighteen, which was below his left eye and resembled a broken heart. He then repositioned to Los Angeles, where he pursued a music career under his prevalent stage name. Later Peep moved to Los Angeles because Long Island was a depressing place to live in for him.

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Career Beginning

Lil Peep was a teenager when he found out that he had trouble making friends, so he stayed alone and spoke to people online. Peep was inspired by underground rap scenes by ILoveMakonnen and Seshollowaterboyz. Peep made a lot of music when he was residing in Long Island, and he acquired the nickname of Trap Goose; he temporarily lived with his childhood friend named Brennan Savage, and soon they shifted to Los Angeles. Lil Peep did not finish high school because he desperately wanted to move to Los Angeles and meet his online friends. He had initially lived in Los Angeles and constantly kept becoming homeless when his income from singing and modeling dwindled. He was staying at the apartment of Savage while he was pursuing a degree.

Personal Life

Lil Peep used to be very candid regarding his struggles with his mental health issues, sexuality, drug use, and heartbreak. He announced his bisexuality in 2017 on 8th August, and he opened up more about his life to his fans on Twitter. He also became more aggressive towards homophones on his Twitter page after him coming out. Also, he collaborates with i Love Makonnen, an rap and rock artist who is openly Gay.

Net Worth

Lil Peep’s approximate net worth at the time of his passing was three hundred thousand USD.

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