Lil Tay Net Worth

Lil Tay had made her career as a rapper and a singer. She is very much famous on social media such as Instagram. She is renowned for her rapping style and her songs. She used to shoot her music videos in luxurious styles. Her shooting locations usually shows luxurious homes. She had made her collaboration with many big names. She had made many hit singles such as Free Paper, Take Risk, Prosper 2 and many more.

Lil Tay’s Early Life

Lil Tay was brought down on this earth on 29th July 2009. She was born in the land of Atlanta, which is in Georgia, US. She was born into a Christian family. She was born with the name Claire Eileen Qi Hope. She didn’t complete her schooling and dropped out from the middle of it. More professionally known as Lil Tay. She was born to Angela Tia And Christopher John Hope. She had more professionally known as Lil Gucci Taylor, Lil Tay Jetski, Lil Tay Cosgrove, Lil Tay Tervali. 

She had done her schooling at the local school. She had mixed ancestry of Chinese And Canadian origin. She was born under the star sign of Leo. When she was small, her father got separated. Later her father got married to Richanee Alcover. She had a stepbrother named Brox Hope. After the separation, his father used to insult his mother. He had claimed her custody in court.

Lil Tay’s Career

She had made her career in singing as well as rapping. When she was petite, she had started her career in musical career. Because of her talent, she had gained huge success. The internet helped her a lot. Her talent and excellence helped with the huge win. She had made her collaborations with many other artists. She had made some famous raps such as Never Fold, These Niggas, Beautiful Girls, Bullshit, Soldier, Classic Tay and many others. She had worked under various labels, such as Tay, Uptown studious, Lambi, CCF2, Real Rapper, Lil Tay2, Real Ent. Some of her work includes Gang, Brain, Bird, Grown Up, Side, All My trust. Under the label of Free Paper, he had done Raxks, Stepper, Credit Badc, LMK. Under the brand of Taking Risk and Prosper, she had made songs such as Dior, Handout, Detroit Flow, Drop Top, Dey Not Doing, Keep Going, Iterluxd, Fuck it Up, Wealth, Run It, Jo, Took Ah Risk, on Da Bricks and Soldier, I Told Em. Under the label of Raod Runner, she had done the dings such as Intro, Eat, Neat Freestyle, Look At Me, Bullshit, Derek Fisher, Freestyle and many more.

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Lil Tay’s Personal Life

She is not married as she is a small child. From an early age, she had made her career in the musical industry. She is not in love with anyone. Rather than she is in life with the profession. 

Lil Tay’s Net Worth

She had gained a net worth of $3 million, which she had earned from the musical career from an early age. 

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