Lorena Bobbitt Net Worth

Lorena was brought down in this world on 31st October in 1970. She was born in the l and of Bucay, present in Ecuador. She got into the limelight because of the incident that caught many headlines. She holds the nationality of American. She had the ethnicity of Hispanic.

Early Life

She is an ordinary woman. She is not a famous personality or any actress. She got married at a very early age in her life. She got married to her husband, John Bobbit. They got married on18th June 1989. She is the mother of a daughter whose name is Olivia. She was living with her mother. She had a daughter, John, and Lorreen.


She had made it into the headline because of the incident. She had a very rough married age. She got married when she was only 19 years old. She got hitched with John Wayne. She made the people more curious about the incident because she cut the penis of his husband. When she got married, she was in an abusive relationship. Her husband used to rape her every night. When her husband was sleeping on the night of 23rd June 1993, on that night also, her husband outraged her. She brought a huge knife and cut off his penis by feeling helpless. This incident occurred in the Manassas, which is present in Virginia. After the incident, she drove away with the cutter penis. She threw the cutter penis away from the car. After the incident, she called the police and told them about everything. She had even told them the exact place where she threw the piece. When the police searched for the cut piece, it was antiseptic. Then it was reattached.

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After the Attack Situation

She had expressed all her situations to the police. She got arrested for this incident. She had told the police that her husband made her feel worthless and forced her to get intimate every night. She was not all happy in her marriage, and she was physically and mentally abused. She had mentioned that he used to force her to have an abortion after the relation. But when this all thing was said, John denied all the allegations against him. The Officer also examine him. She had said in an interview that John had stolen her earring and sold it. He got his treatment. He gained much attention from this incident. He earned a lot of money by maKing; this incident is famous. After his treatment, he was questioned by nine women on the Jury and the three men of rape. He answered their questions very differently. To somebody, he said that he had sex, and to somebody, he didn’t have sex. But the result was in favor of Lorena, and she was not found guilty. After six years of abuse and hard marriage, she finally filed for divorce.

Net Worth

After her marriage divorce, she worked hard for her living and marriage. She had a total of 250 thousand dollars.

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