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Marcia Harvey author career, personal life and net worth

You necessarily do not have to be a celebrity to become famous. By being a better half to a celebrity, you can gain equal popularity. Marcia Harvey is one such person who has become extremely famous because of her husband, Steve Harvey. Though the name Marcia doesn’t strike to one’s mind immediately, she would be at once recognized. Well, as you read through this article, along with knowing Marcia’s net worth, you would also be able to gather some information about Steve as well.

  • Details about Marcia’s relationship with Steve

Steve Harvey is one of the most famous TV personalities. He is a producer, and a comedian and Marcia happen to be Steve’s ex-wife. Her current net worth is $12 million. Marcia is a very talented individual. She was born on January 22, 1955, in Cleveland, Ohio, US. Her schooling got completed in Ohio High school, and she has a degree in administration and management. This African-American lady has kept all her details pretty private. Details about her childhood are not revealed much. There have been no details about her family, like parents or siblings published anywhere.

  • Did you know that Marcia is an author?

The details of her education are also pretty dicey. A few of them say that she has completed her degree in business and management while some say it chemistry. Even before Marcia got married to Steve, she was working at a departmental store. After that, she launched her own business, and she gained a lot of fame in her business. Apart from that, she is also an author. So far, Marcia has written three books, and they are Marcia: Thoughts from My Mind, Marcia: Eyes to the Soul, Marcia: Poems from the heart. Most of these writings give a hint to her past life.

Marcia is an entrepreneur too.

After her divorce with Steve, 20 years later, she wrote the book Marcia: Eyes to the Soul. These books were written in three parts, and they were yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. All these books speak about her relationship and past life. Marcia has her own clothing brand, and she is doing pretty well in her life in spite of being divorced for 20 years. She gathers a lot of money from all these things, and with all these professions, her total net worth has reached up to 12 million USD.

When and how did Marcia get divorced?

Marcia was head over heels for Steve, and they both tied knots in the year 1980. The love bloomed, and they gave birth to three wonderful children. Though the vows of staying together forever were being exchanged, the couple separated their ways in the year 1994. Steve had changed his profession from movies to insurance. The rumors about their divorce revolve around Steve changing his profession.

Who did Marcia marry after Steve?

Marcia married Larry Greene, and Steve ended up in two marriages after divorcing his first wife, Marcia. Details about her net worth say that 6.5 million USD must have been accumulated from her husband’s wealth. Though Marcia has been the author of three books, she hasn’t been able to make a lot of money from them. Well, despite not being a celebrity, having a net worth of 12million USD is a great thing to happen.

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