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Mark Rober Net Worth

Mark Rober is a popular name on the video-sharing platform; YouTube. He is a successful YouTuber, inventor, and engineer. He mainly creates videos related to science, DIY ideas, gadgets, and creative concepts. Some of his videos went viral all over the Internet and helped him gain a considerable following on different social media platforms. Before he started his career with YouTube, he was an Engineer at NASA and spent several years there doing different researches. He has also worked with Apply as the product designer for concepts such as self-driving cars based on virtual reality.

Mark works a lot in helping mother nature, and he also launched a fundraiser with the help of YouTuberMrBeast under that Hashtag ‘Teamtrees’. They aimed to plant 20 million trees by 2020 but achieved the goal within 2019. He invented a thief trap with a glitter bomb, and it is one of his most popular and astonishing inventions.

Early Life

Mark was born in Orange County, California, and grew up there. He was interested in engineering, creating designs since his childhood as he once made a pair of goggles that helps to cut an onion without having tears in your eyes.Rober went to Brigham Young University to get a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He did a master’s in the same field from the University of Southern California. He got chosen by NASA and worked there for over nine years. Out of the nine years in NASA, he spent seven years working on the Curiosity Rover. He wanted to work for Morphsuits, so he left his job at NASA. He also did some ideation type of work for a company in San Francisco.

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Career beginning

Mark embarked on his career at NASA, where he joined in the year 2004. He was a part of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and worked there for nine years and spent most of the years studying the Mars Curiosity Rover, which will complete its ninth year on mars this year. He was an immensely talented engineer and created several designs for different missions such as GRAIL, AMT, SMAP, etc. NASA considered him to be one of the most important engineers working for JPL wired.

JPL wired was a knowledge capture Wiki suggested by Mark as he believed that it could be immensely useful for collecting the Corporate knowledge using the Wiki Technology. After that, Mark also worked for Apple and designed several products for them. Currently, he is working on his Youtube Channel and has over 12 million subscribers.

Personal Life

Mark Rober has a wife and a son. He lives with them in Sunnyvale, California, where he shifted in late 2015. In August 2020, he declared that he has tested positive for COVID-19 while he was filming a video in the Bahamas. Due to that reason, he delayed video production.

Net Worth

Mark Rober Net worthis around $18 million and most of which he earns from his Youtube Channel. He has more than 12 million subscribers, and he earns over $9000 each day from the Ads on his YouTube channel.

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