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Marlo Hampton Net Worth

Marlo Hampton was brought down on this earth on 7th February 1971. She had chosen her career as a Television personality. She had seen in the Real Housewives of Atlanta. She was a member of the television from 2011. Besides doing the television work, she was also a Fashion Designer. She is an excellent businesswoman. She had taken her foot in all the aspects of the career styles, such as Philanthropist and self-made businesswoman.

Early Life

Mario is always known as Black Beauty. When she was born, she was named MarloHamptonn. She had been brought down in the land of St. Petersburg, which is present in Florida, United States. She holds the nationality of American. She had an ancestry of Black Ethnicity. She had a mixed ancestry of American and an African. She had a brother who died from suffering from a brain injury. Her brother made her suffer a lot. She said that it was very emotional to share their pain with others in an interview. She had done her graduation from the University of Southern Florida, and she had done her graduation in social work and interdisciplinary science. She had gained her bachelor’s degree in the College of Arts and Science. Her childhood was a little bit difficult because of her mother. Her mother was a drug addict. So she had spent most of the time in charge of her foster parents.


While she was residing in Atlanta, she had opened her boutique. The boutique gained much popularity and achieved very much success. She had constructed the “Glam It Up.” The group helps teenagers live, settle, and comfortably in their foster parents’ care. Besides caring for the foster children, they also take care of the Young women and gift personalized items such as makeup, hair care, and customized hygiene items. It is a worthy project, and it makes all the future of the girls safe and secure. She had her career field in fashion designing, entrepreneurship, and various sectors. She knew different fashion styles. She also gives fashion tips to everyone. She had not taken a particular job as her career. She used to sell T-Shirts on the Website known as MarloHampton.com. She used to sell the T-Shirts at $50 to $60. She used to subsidize her Shirts in her Instagram stories. The profit which she earned always goes into charity. It was gone to Glam It Up, which was none Profitable Charity.

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Personal Life

Currently, she is not dating and is currently single. She had presently single because she wanted stable financial status. At some point, she was dating Peter Thomas. She usually says that she’s having fun and is not serious about it. But Peter was serious about the relationship. Once Peter gifted a new House to Marlon.

Net Worth

She gained her net worth of $600 thousand, which she had earned from her fashion designing career. Her hard work turned into fruitful.

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