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Matte Stonie Net Worth

Matthew Kai “Megatoad” Stonie is a YouTuber and an American spirited eater. During Major League Eating, we got ranked at number three. Stonie also won the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in 2015 by dethroning the 8-time protecting champion named Joey Chestnut. He got popular by posting top-notch videos on his channel on YouTube, which are mainly of eating confronts. His YouTube channel name is “Matt Stonie,” where you can get to watch the speed-eating videos and challenge videos.

Early Life

Stonie is of Lithuanian, Japanese, and Czechoslovakian ancestry. He was born on 24th May 1992. Because he is the USA born, his civilization is American. He completed his graduation as of Evergreen High School, located in California. Stonie got a nickname from the personality Toad that is from Super Mario Franchise forename “Megatoad.”

The younger brother of Stonie, Morgan Stonie, is often helpful in making videos with Stonie. Most of the time, he is involved in producing the challenges videos required to be uploaded on the YouTube channel of Stonie. The height of Stonie is 5 feet 8 inches, and his weight is approximately 62 kgs.

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Career Beginnings

Major League Eating debut of Stonie was at Stockton Asparagus Championship held at California. In 2011 at the time of the Championship, from all Stonie was the youngest affiliate as his age was 18 years. He got at position one in an eating contest that took place in New Hampshire’s Hampton Beach.

Stonie ate 62 hot dogs and won by defeating Nathan’s Eating Contest in July 2015. In 2016, Stonie ate 53 hot dogs and came second to Chestnut to Chestnut’s 70. There are many competitions or contests in which Stonie defeated top rankers and got positioned in the top 10.

The videos made by Stonie became so popular as they were noticed by some amazing personalities like WakaFlocka Flame, Cheech and Chong, and Bam Margera. By making videos, Stonie amassed subscribers more than 12 million and more than 2.3 billion views on YouTube channel videos of his. One of his videos became most popular and got more than 80 million views.

World Records

There are many records made by Stonie in many years. In 2013, he made a world record of eating 5.5 pounds of birthday cake in less than 9 minutes. He made a world record in Atmore, Albamaby eating 32.5 Indian tacos in less than 8 minutes. He ate Pumpkin Pie of about 20.8 pounds in less than 8 minutes at Elk Grove Pumpkin Festival that took place in 2014. He ate Happy Meal of McDonald’s in about15.22 seconds, and this is the fastest record.

Net Worth

It is estimated that Matt Stonie earn $5 million approximately and his last year’s net worth was $3 million. He earns his salary from YouTube ad revenue.  Matt Stonie makes money from YouTube by product-sponsorship deals, online merchandise sales, and ads embedded in videos. He earns more than $8500 regularly from ads on his YouTube channel.

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