Michael Crichton Net Worth

Michael Crichton had made his career as an author and also a filmmaker. His book was sold all over the world. Over 200 million, he had sold around 200 million of copies around the world. Some of his books had been transferred into the books. The books was based on science fiction, Techno-Thriller and also medical fiction. The book revolves around Technology and interaction with humans. And some of his books are related to medical training and the scientific Background.

Michael Crichton’s Early Life

Michael was born with the name John Micahel Crichton. He was brought down to this earth on 23 Rd October 1942. He was taken to the John Henderson and the Zula Miller Crichton. His father works as a Journalist, and his mother works as a housewife. Though he was born in Chicago, he was raised in Long Island, in Roslyn. He had shown his interest in writing at a very young age. He Had started his work by working in the Sunset Crater, released in The New York Times. When she was a small child, he told her there was no crime and no fear that kf child was being abused or harmed. There was no murder, and also, the child was not used to drugs. He used to go to his school when it was miles away from the school. At that time, the condition of the surrounding was good. He had done his graduation from Harvard College. He had done his graduation in 1960. He had done his graduation in literature. 

Michael Crichton‘s Career

He had worked as a writer. He is very much interested in literature. In his college, his teacher criticised him for his literary style. He had once submitted an essay, and his teacher was suspicious that he had cheated to write the story. When the article, it was returned, it was produced with the remark as B minus. He had a controversy with the English department. After that, he had done his graduation in Biological Anthropology. After that, he had received a Henry Russell Shaw Travelling Fellowship in the year 1964 to the 1965. After that he had done the lecturer in the Anthropology in the University of Cambridge in the UK. While he was at the Harvard Medical School, He had written the Odds On. Some of the books are The Andromeda Strain, The Terminal Man, Jurassic Park, Disclosure, Prey, State of Fear in the year 2004, and Next in the year 2006. Some of his famous speech was based on Global Warming. He had a debt Worked in the Global Warning Is Not A Crisis. He had also delivered his speech at the National Press Club. He also showed his address in the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco on 15th September 2003. 

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Micahel Crichton’s Personal Life

He is ranked as a top 50 beautiful person in the Magazine. He had married about five times. He had ended up in a divorce. He married Joan Radam, Kathleen St. Johns, Suzzana Childs, and Anne Marie Martin. He died due of Lymphoma in the year 2008. He was going under chemotherapy.

Net worth

He owns $400 million, which is his total net worth. He had gained by publishing his books and through his speech delivery. 

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