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Michael Santana is professionally known as Imaqtpie as she said herself to be known as a cutie pie. He is a League of Legends professional player based in America. He is a professional player and has played for team Dignitas. He has played for several years and got retired in 2014. The reason behind is retirement is because she wanted to follow a streaming career. She is one of the top online personalities of League of Legends across the world and has more than 2.6 million followers and 335 million views on Twitch.

In 2017, he did reveal that he earns around $2 million annually from Twitch but didn’treveal his earnings from tournament streaming.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Santana told the story behind his name and said that his mom called him cute and invented this name. He was quite fond of playing video games in his childhood and specifically SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs. Once the game League of Legends got into the market, he thought of trying his hands because it was completely free. He got so trained in playing League of Legends that he started competing in tournaments.

His gameplay was superb, which made him notice by expert players like William “scarra” Li and Santana got recruited by William for his team named Rock Solid. In September 2011, team Dignitas recruited Santana and other top players, and Santana’s parents were quite happy with his career path. Team Dignitas played many championships and won several times, and earned the cash prize. Later in one of the championships, Dyrus revealed the secret strategy of Team Dignitas, and he later apologized to the entire team.

With revealing the strategy, the team’s confidence lost, and in one of an interview, Santana said that the reason behind not getting success is due to players’ less desire to win and have fun. Santana uploaded a vlog on his YouTube channel stating that he was resigning from League of Legends and said that he had a great time with his friends. He is counted as one of the best streamers of League of Legends and has more than 2.3 million followers and around 1.6 million subscribers on his Twitch and YouTube channel of his.

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Personal Life

Imaqtpie was in love with his longtime girlfriend Lisha Wei and got married to her in a surprise wedding. His wedding was so grand, and it gained the attention of the media due to the attire of the entire wedding that was shorts with a T-shirt. He is currently living in California, and through his streams, he announced that his wife no longer lives with him.

Net Worth

He never discloses his real earnings, and it is tricky to find his net worth. Through his tournament earnings, it has been estimated that his journey with Team Dignitas has made her earn $30000 in every match. This is only his earnings from the tournament and not from streaming. The estimated net worth of Michael Santana, also known as Imaqtpie, is approximately $8 million.

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