Mike Lookinland Net Worth

Mike Lookinland was born on ninteenth December 1960, and he is a former actor from America. He is most recognizable for being on a sitcom from America named The Brady Bunch, which aired on ABC and Mike played Bobby Brady. He played the character starting in 1969, and the show ended in 1974. He has reinterpreted the same role in the several spinoffs and sequels that the original series has birthed.

Early Life

Mike Lookinland is originally from Utah, and his parents were Karen and Paul, who were residing in Los Angeles. They first visited a family near Spring City during the Christmas Break in the year 1960. His grandfather worked at the LDS Hospital in the post of administrator. Mike grew up with two siblings, and his brother has been on The Blue Bird in collaboration with Elizabeth Taylor. Lookinland was a member of the Latter Day Saints of the Church of Jesus, and he commenced his career in performance at the young age of seven. He made an appearance in several commercials for televisions such as Cheerios, toys, and also Band-Aid.

Career Beginning

Mike worked on television commercials primarily before he found an opportunity on Brady Bunch. He did over thirty commercials, and so it was elementary for him to secure some prominent roles. He found the lead role of Eddie in The Courtship of Eddie’s Father and then saw The Brady Bunch role. His parents decided to let him perform Bobby Brady, and they aimed to make him perform in a healthy environment consisting of children of his age. He had sandy-colored skin and wavy hair, which made him a little unsuitable for the serial.

The natural hair color of the family was supposed to be dark brown, and also, the hair was straight. The lights on the set for brightening the film were so warm that they would make the dye on Mike’s hair run down his cheeks. During The Brady Bunch’s last two seasons, the directors allowed his natural hair color to be shown on screen.

His brother had appeared in an episode for The Brady Bunch when he served as a pilot in Kelly’s Kids. The series did not eventually air, but it was a fun little experience for him. Mike has also been in The Point! An animated movie where he voiced the character named Obilo. He found an opportunity in a disaster movie called The Towering Inferno, where he performed besides Paul Newman and Jennifer Jones.

Personal Life

Mike Lookinland has finished his education at Chadwick School, and it is located in California. He has also attended the Hollywood Professional School during his performance period in The Brady Bunch. He has also participated at the professional school of Hollywood, where he met his television siblings, Susan Olsen, Maureen McCormick, and Christopher Knight. After he completed his education from high school, he aimed to leave the city of LA, so he shifted to Utah.

Net Worth

Mike Lookinland’s current approximate and average net worth is about 2 million awards, and he has made most of it from his television actor. He has also done stage performances and is most prominent for playing Bobby Brady in The Brady Bunch.

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