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Mikey Chen Net Worth

Mike had made his career as a Youtuber. He had posted many videos to his channel. He had a medium whose name was Strictly Dumpling. He used to travel around the world to get to know about the perfect food of that place. He had visited many places while working. Besides having the food channel, he also had the paranormal channel and the Beyound Science channel. He has numerous channel on Youtube, which is handled by him or by his team.

Mikey Chen’s Early Life

Mike Chen is the actual name of Mikey Chen. He was brought down in this world on 22nd December of 1980. He was born under the star sign of Capricon. He was landed in Xi’an, which is in China. Hebhods is the nationality of Chinese and American. The ethnicity that he follows is Asian. He had taken birth from Teng Chen and Rigan Chen. When he was too small to be understood, his family shifted to America for a better life. He was brought up in America, and his siblings were named Arnold and Renner. These are his brother and sister. He graduated from Truman State University, which is Present In Kirksville. He did his graduation in the year 2003. He had done his graduation from Accounts subject. After the completion, he had started his work in the news Channel respectively.

Mikey Chen’s Career

After just completing the university course, he joined Morgatanley as Financial Analyst in the yeat 2006. After that, he had worked for the News channel named NTD News Channel. In the medium, he was the head of the Digital Strategy… He used to work there for an extended period. After that, he quit the channel and started his own Youtube channel. Here is his debut on Youtube in 2013. He had initiated the journey of Youtube through the track named Off the Great Wall and The RunList. The channel was run by the New channel named as New Tang Dyansty Television. The company in which he working was involved in a controversy of Falun Gong Spiritual Movement. After that he had created his own channel named as Strictly dumpling and Beyond Science. The channel was created in the tear 2013. After that he had created his another channel named as The Double Chen which was his private life channel. The main channel fFrom which he had got recognition around the world. The dumpling was the food channel. In that channel, he used to taste food from the corner of the world and tell his experience about it. He He is used to tasting Chinese, Indian, authentic Asian food. He helps the locals and also viewers by knowing the exact nutrition that he wants to taste. In the other channel, Beyond Science, he used to tell mystery about everything present on the Earth. In the Chen Dynasty, he described Asian Culture and food. 

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Mikey Chen’s Personal Life

He is married to his long time girlfriend named, Christine. But it had not been confirmed by the Youtuber himself. He used to post pictures with her on Instagram and social media.

Mikey Chen’s Net Worth

He holds a net worth of $3 million, which he had got from his youtube career and the News channel career that he had done. 

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