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Milla Jovovich Net Worth

Milla is known as Milica Bogdanovna Jovovich. By profession, she is an actress as well as a singer and well known as modeling. She started her career doing various movies as well as Science fiction movies. She had many action-related films, which gained much audience love. She Was declared as the most highest-paid actress. She has the citizenship of various countries. She gained notice from the audience by doing the film Return to the Blue Lagoon, released in 1991.

Early Life

Milla had taken birth in the year 1975 on 17th December. She was born in Kyiv, which is in Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union. She was tiny when she shifted to London with her parents. At the very early age of 12, she started her career by modeling for the Italian magazine as the cover paper. She was born to Galina and Jovovic. Her mother is an actress, and her father is a Serbian Doctor. Her ancestry is from Russia and Serbian. Her most childhood was spent in her maternal grandparents’ home. Her parents shifted to London, and they got settled in Los Angels. When they got turned to Los Angles, her parents filed for divorce because their father had an affair with the second woman. Her mother has tried many acting positions, and she got denial. Then she cleaned homes for money to survive. She had completed her schooling in the public school in Los Angeles. She had a very smooth catching power in learning. At the age of 19, she got citizenship in the U.S.


Milla’s mother put her forward for the movies. She trained her to be a movie star. She put her in the acting classes at a minimum age. She used to attend the courses of her school as well as acting class. She made her debut in the film, which was known as Two Moon Junction. She also made her debut in the television series known as The night to Kathmandu, in which she had played the role of Lily Mcleod. She made many television series such as Married with the Children, which was 1989, and the Parker Lewis Can’t Lose in the year 1990. She had won many awards such as Young Artist Awards in the year1991, Golden Raspberry Awards in the year 1991. She had many music videos such as If you can’t say No in the year1998, I want to be a Warhol in the year2013, Signal in the year2016want to many more.

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Personal Life

Her childhood was not a normal one. At a very young she has seen many troubles in a tender age. She had seen her parents’ separation. She had seen her mother suffering so much. Her father was a doctor, and her mother was an actress after the struggle she had to do. She can speak many languages such as French as well as Serbian. She holds the citizenship of Ukraine, the Soviet Union, and the United States. She got married to Shawn Andrews in 1992, and they separated in the year1992. Then she got married to Luc Besson in the year1997 and, they got divorced in the year1999. Then finally she, settled with Paul W.S Anderson in the year2009.

Net Worth

The total net worth of Mila Jovovich is all total $ 50 million, and she is one of the highest-paid actresses in the industry.

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