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Miniminter Net Worth

Miniminter had dined his career as a Youtuber. His videos are all about Videos based on FIFA videos and doing the videos as a blog. His videos are all about the game on the based of games of FIFA. He had just quit all his education just because he wanted to follow his passion for the game. He had recently joined Youtube and worked hard to follow his dreams. 

Miniminter’s Early Life

Miniminter was not born with this name. The actual name through which he is recognised is Simon Edward Minter. He was brought down in this world in London, in the United Kingdom. More formerly he is known as Miniminter. He was brought down on this earth on Hemel Hempstead. He had two siblings whose name Nick and another name is Johnny. He had done his schooling at Berkhamstead School. The school was in the forms of Private and Independent schools. In his school, he used to be involved in the fights, and the teacher used to interrupt between his rows. In his school, he did t keep good marks for his education. In his school, he had achieved One A and nine B grades on the GCSE board in 2009. That is why he didn’t get the chance to refer to the university. So he had taken a gap in his academic career. So in the meantime, he had travelled to Ghana For about two months. He had travelled around the East Coast of America. 

Miniminter’s Career

He had started his career on youtube year 27th February 2021. His based on the game and different types of videos as well Vlogs. In his channel, he had more than 456 videos. He is more active in social media. He had posted his first video on the basis of FIFA. The video was uploaded in the year 2012. After he had just quit his university. In the year 2013, he made collaborated with Deji. Then he had made his move with the Sideman House. Then he had posted the videos, which was uploaded in 2014 March. The video was a group video. After the collaboration has, subscribers suddenly grew up faster than usual. He got the subscribers around 150,000 subscribers. After this success, he had made another move with Sideman House. Then he had He has worked with Vik, JJ, And Josh, who was uploaded in 2016. He had worked till 2019. Currently, he is sharing His flat with JJ, and his residence is in London. His main channel is based upon FIFA. He usually puts FAQs about FIFA and questions about FIFA. 

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Miniminter’s Personal Life

He is the minor child in his family. He is the third subscriber after Sideman member. His colour choice is Red. He is also accused of staying one night with Ashley Married. He owns many imported cars, including Tesla Model X and A Range Rover. 

Net Worth

He holds a net worth of $2.41 million which he had gained from the video he made during his career timeline.

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