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Mos Def Net Worth

Mos real name is Yasiin Bey. By profession, he is a rapper, singer, and songwriter. He was also doing the acting alongside. He had kept his stage name as Mos Def. He had started his career in 1994. He had started his career in hip hop. He started his career in the rap group known as Urban Thermo Dynamics’. Earlier, they appeared in the Da Bush Babees and De La Soul. He had performed with the star, whose name is Talib Kweli. He was Brooklyn based rapper. He had released his songs which were known as Definition and Respiration. His great rapped songs are known as “Oh No,” Ms. Fat Booty. 

Early Life

Mos’s real name is Dante Terrell Smith. He was brought up in this world on 11th December in 1973. He was born in Brooklyn, which is in New York. He was taken to Sheron Smith and Abdulrahman Smith. He was the first child of his parents. He had 12 siblings and had step-siblings. His childhood was a difficult one. His parents were living Separately. His mother nurtured him in his youth. His father was living in New Jersey. His father was a follower of Islam. He was part of the group known as the Nation of Islam. He had followed Imam Deen Mohammed. Mos was not following Islam till the age of 13. He had a friend who was following Islam, and his name is Shaheed Muhammad and Q-tip. He had attended his schooling at Philippa Schuyler Middle School. That was situated in Bushwick, which is in Brooklyn. He was in relation with an older girl in his school. He had said that he had seen the gang war in Brooklyn and so much poverty in the society.


He had started his career at the beginning of 1994. He had formed the job in 1994 along with his younger brother and some of his friends. They had released their first album, whose name is Manifest Destiny. This album comprises re-released Tracks and recorded tracks of the UTD. He had released his first album, which was solo performed and whose name was Universal Magnetic, in the year 1997. He worked under the Rawkus Record And served with Talib Kweli. He had released his album known as Mos Def&Talib Kweli are Black Star. He was also seen in albums which were known as Respiration and Definition. This album hit and went into the Billboard Hot section of the R&B /Hip Hop songs chart. He had released his album known as Black On Both Sides in 1999. The album had also reached the 25th position in the Billboard 200. He had worked under the labels of Downtown, Good, Geffen, Rawkus, Priority. He collaborated with Black Starz Crooklyn Dodgers, Dec 99th, De la Soul, Soulquarians.

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Personal Life

He got married to Maria Yepes in the year 1996. But their relationship didn’t work further, and they finally filed for divorce. He was blessed with four children. He made the headlines because of not paying proper after the divorce. 

Net Worth

Mos holds a total net worth of $4-$5 million. He had income from his songs and album, which was released. 

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