After months or years of training, you’re finally a qualified professional. Now it is time to decide what you want to do with your qualifications. Many people consider America the home of innovation, free-thinking and advancement, so a move to the United States could be the perfect next step in your career or the ideal starting place. 

You should think carefully about your move and ensure you are making the right decision. To obtain a work visa, you will need a suitable job before moving, so this should be your first priority. Read on for some of our top tips for Mexicans considering a move to America. 

Choose Your Location

Research the location of your new job. Consider different areas, keeping in mind the commute time. Stay in a hotel for the first weeks to get a feel for the community. Make a list of the amenities you require, such as transport links, supermarkets or malls. 

Know How To Get A Social Security Number

After your visa, the next thing you need is a social security number. It can take up to two weeks to receive your SSN. Apply as soon as you arrive in the US. 

Research Banks And Bank Accounts

Understand the banking options available to you. Take out a credit card to start building a US credit history. You will need a US address and SSN to open an American bank account. 

Understand Your Visa

Understand the restrictions and time limit on your visa. A TN visa could be ideal for anyone from Mexico. Know what you need to do if you change jobs. Get in touch with a reputable immigration lawyer to help you navigate the system. For helpful information, including how long does TN visa last, visit Farmer Law PC’s website. 

Get An American Driver’s License

Book your American written and practical driving test. Understand the local regulations and requirements for converting a Mexican license to an American one. Take lessons to improve your skills. Book an appointment at the DMV as soon as possible, as it can take weeks or even months to get a slot. 

Find A Car

Owning a car will enable you to explore your new city easily. Choose a reliable vehicle that won’t require frequent maintenance. Explore second hand and auction vehicles to cut costs. 

Decide What To Do With Your Belongings

Find out the cost to ship your belongings to America. Consider selling bulkier items to cut costs. Ask your company if they provide moving expenses. If you sell your belongings, look for new things in American discount stores until you have enough saved to replace them with better quality items. 

Rent Before You Buy

Rent in your destination state for at least a year before you consider buying a property. Ensure you are happy with the area and quality of accommodation. 

Sort Out Health Insurance

Your employer may provide you with some level of health insurance. If you require a higher level of coverage, consider your options for private insurance to supplement or replace your workplace insurance. 

Make New Friends

Join social clubs and apps to find new friends. Sign up for classes and attend work social events. Be a polite, considerate neighbor and invite neighbors around for drinks or dinner. 

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