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Mya Hnin Yee Lwin Net Worth

Mya is known as Mya Hnin yee lwin. She is famous for her acting career as she is a Burmese actress. She worked as both a television actress and a film actress. She gained her fandom because of the Film Angel of Eden. She is a famous model in Myanmar. She is the most successful actress and active actress in the spring revolution, called Military Dictatorship Revolution.

Early Life

Mya was born in the year 1987 on the day12th January. Among her sibling, she was the youngest of all. She passed her school from Basic Education High School, and she graduated her college in the subject of Psychology from Dagon University. At a very young age, she was more interested in politics. She was active in politics at her university. However, her interest in politics led to her entrance into politics in the future.


She entered the world of the limelight in the year2010. She made her first appearance in the show Sai Sai Kham Leng. She had appeared in many commercial ads in 2011. In her career, she has won and been nominated for various awards. She had also faced a lot of failure in her life. In some projects of modeling, she didn’t stand up to the heights And failed. She makes her debut in the film Eden Angel. She was playing the leading role along with her co-actors, Sai SaiKhamLeng, Paying phyo, Wint Yamane Naing. This film was aired in cinemas in the year 2016. She gained a lot of appraisal for her performance in the movie. She has done many films and series such as Kyamar Noon, Min OO, Yan Kyaw, Phoe Thaut Kyar, May Thinzar Oo, Hsu Hlaing Hnin, Soe Nandar Kyaw. She had done Zane Chaw myar longer, Toxic, Wingada Shin Tan and Tatiya Mayuk Sone Mak. In 2016, a warrant was issued against her under a section of 505of the penal code. She was accused because of speaking against the military coup. With other celebrities, she was also charged with damaging government properties. She was also charged with disturbing people’s peace and vitality oF the nation.

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Persanal Life

MYA is married to her love of life, Mg Myo Thwin. She had organized a grand party wedding. Among the people who she could trust, she had done her marriage. Her marriage is available on the internet, which can blow anyone, mind. The pictures Say that the couple had a charming marriage ceremony. They’re made of each other. In the year 2014, they tied know the t of their marriage. But every love story doesn’t have been beautiful ending. This couple got divorced in the year 2020. In this way, their story ended.

Net Worth

The net worth of the is still unknown. But it will be not less than $3milkion because of her career. She is a famous model and famous actress. Through all these, she earned a considerable amount that is still unknown to the public.

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