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Neil Breen Net Worth

Everyone is self-made person in their life, and so is Neil Breen. He had made his career as a Filmmaker. He had directed fewer movies, but they all touched great heights. He had directed films which are not so highly rated and of low budget. It was a cult following film for the acting as well as for the writing and the editing. He had written the script of the movies. They had gained many awards for the film that he had made. 

Neil Breen’s Early Life

Neil was born on this earth on 23rd November 1959. He was born in the country of the USA. The star sign which he had was the Sagittarius. His nationality of him is American. The place where he was born was the East coast of the United States. When he was small, his interest in the film line started developing. 

He took more interest in making the movies. He had studied more about Architecture. He has studied architecture at the college of California. He had become a Licensed Architecture. More information about his parents and his hometown is not available. He didn’t give any information about his ancestors or more details about his family members. The schooling that he had completed is also not public. There is no information about his siblings also.

Neil Breen’s Career

He got his interest in the filmmaking career when he was small. His first film was the Double down. After that movie, he worked as the finance in the next film named I’m Here… Now. This second movie, his movie, was the biggest. After the movie, he becomes the Cult amateur Filmmaker. He used to write and also direct the film. The characters he used to make are often gadded the superhuman abilities. In the Fateful Findings, he had made as a Hacker. The hacker had the supernatural powers which he had got from the Magical Stone. When he was small, he had got the magical stone. The first film which he had made is the double down that was released min the Red Letter Media. This movie was the Best Of the Worst online Series. The movie was released by the Red Letter Media and Your Movies Sucks DO Tor. After that, his films were selected for the theatres and film festivals. It was seen in the Butt Numb A Thon and the Seattle International Film Festival. 

Some movies he had made are the Double Down and I am Here Now, Fateful Findings, Pass-Thru, Twisted Pair, and Neil Breen’s Film Retrospective. His film was released in 2005,2009, 2012, 2016, and 2018,2020, respectively. 

Neil Breen’s Personal Life

Their personal information about him is not available. There is no information about his wife or anything about his children. He is a great filmmaker on the verge of producing something new. He was also invited many to the awards party. 

Neil Breen’s Net worth

He holds a net worth of $1.5 million which was earned from the movies that he had made. The movies were the low cult movies, and he did not invest a small amount of money in his films. 

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