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Nelk Boyz Net Worth

Nelk is referred to as the Nelk Boyz. It is a YouTube channel which is founded by some youngsters. It is a Canadian Youtube Channel. They record videos based on entertainment, pranks, and joking videos. They used to post the video on their channel, but their videos didn’t get that fame which they wanted. After creating more fun content, their video goes into the viral category within some time.

Starting of the Channel

Milk boys channel was founded by Kyle Foregeard, Jesse Sebastiani, Lucas Gasparini. They launched their channel in the year 2011; It was an American Videography production company. In the start g they used to post the comedy video or the prank video, which didn’t get that much attention that it should be needed. But one day, one of their video for into the viral category, and the audience had shown very much love for that video. The video which was got viral was the consumption of cocaine which was very much fun and got much attention from the audience. Then audience lived their video because of their humor and ideas. Slowly and steadily, their subscribers start increasing, and soon they for their 100k subscriber button, which is the Silver play button. They have a total of 7.11 million subscribers, and m they had a total of 1.3 billion views on their channel. They worked under the network of Full send Entertainment. They had collaborated with many artists such as Kyle Foregeard, SteveWillDolt, Jesse Sebastiani.

Group Members

They have members whose names are Kyle Forgeard, Jesse Sebastiani, Stephen Deleonardis, Lucas Gasparini, Salim Sirur, Jimmy Gambles. Cousin Ray is the filmmaker of the Neck. Austin Ermes is the Nelk Director of the Content writer of the channel of the Nelk. All the members of the parts of the Nelk live in Newport Beach, which is in California. Earlier, they were living in Ontario, which is in Canada, and some were living in Los Angeles. The base was out up by Jesse Sebastiani. Before making the channel, he was doing a documentary whose name was Saved by status. Other members are known as Niko Marko Martinovic and Jason Pagaduan. They both are twins, but they left in the year2015. They left the Nelk to carry the thief’s own Youtube Channel. In the year2017, Gasparini left the channel. He left the Youtube channel due to pursuing his studies in public misconduct. In the year2021, he returned to the team in Los Angeles.

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They hit the milestone of Youtube by achieving the great crossroads of 7.11 million. They have got a silver play button. After got they hit the 1million, they got the gold play button. They also gained 2.9 million followers on social media on Youtube and Instagram. In an interview, they said that their audience love is the most extensive support and the achievement for them.

Net Worth

The total net worth of Nelk is around $3 million. They informed through their hard work for their channel; they gained huge fandom through their videos.

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