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Onision Net Worth

Onision had made his career as a Youtuber. He had made his own Youtube channel which had gained a lot of Popularity. He is more popularly known as Onision. He had a medium where he featured his drawing and sketches. He posts these sketches on his Youtube channel. Slowly he used to make the videos of the illustrations. He used to cover Controversial topics in his videos. The examples that be used to make gained a lot of talk in the town.

Onision’s Early Life

Onision was brought down on this earth with the name Gregory James Daniel. He was brought down on this earth on the particular date of 11th November 1985. He landed in Auburn which is jn Washington, US. Whenever he was asked about what he brought up, he said that his mother raised him with his sisters in a rural environment. When he had released his book, he had been told that his mother had divorced his father because his father was a child predator. When he was small, he made the albums while a teenager. He used to make compose music, and worked in Web And Graphic design. Before becoming a Youtuber, he was Airman in The United States Air Force. But he had gained the combustion of an ethical way to strip off his clothes in front of his supervisor.

Onision’s Career

He created his own Youtube channel in the year 2006. But he didn’t upload anything on Youtube till the year 2007. At first, the clips on his Youtube channel were known to be parody by Fred Figglehorn. In 2019, he was known as “Best Known For his objectifying Content and controversial Reputation”. He used to rate women based on their Pictures. He used to comment on their bodies and their figures. He used to comments on other Youtuber. He had uploaded his own Music album, which was known as Banana Somg. The music album went viral. He used to jump and scream as loud as he can and tell Banana. The music was known in the Comedy Central series, known as Tosh.0. The video was the Viewer Video of the Week in the year 2010. He had written three books known as Stones to Abbigale, that wad released in comment 2015, and This is Why I Hate You, which was published in the year 2015. Another book was released, which is named Reaper Creek, in 2018. He had removed some of the albums known as Young Eye, Onision, Explicit, Flucking Blitch, The Puppet, Shut Up, With Character, The Banana Man, and I’m a Meme. He had a single, which is known as I’m a Banana. That music album was released in the year 2020.

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Onision Personal Life

He had said in an interview that his girlfriend is a slut. He said that his girlfriend had put his body down with more than 20 people. She is a slit and cannot be raped. The video in which he had said this got more backlash from the people. He is Co-founder of the VidCon. After the video was released, he was banned from the VidCon.

Onision’s Net Worth

He holds a net worth of $100 thousand which he had gained from his Youtube career as well as he produced his albums and music video, which earned a lot of Popularity.

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