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Optic HeCz Net Worth

Optic had made his career as a professional gamer, and his source of income was the gaming organisation he had created. He had started this profession in the year 2006. Slowly he was more into gaming and took the company’s lead after some years. He took the company to the next level. He had also won the Call of the Duty tournament. From this company, he had won a vast and considerable amount of money. His gaming career of him leads to a successful path. 

Optic Hecz’s Early life

The optic was born with the name Hector Rodriguez. But he was more often called an Optic Herz. He holds the nationality of American. He was brought down on this earth on 9th February of 1980. He was born in the land of El Paso, Texas, United States. There is no information about his parents, and there is no information about their occupation. There is no specific information about his childhood and the time spent in his youth. His childhood was a little bit of struggling as he was from a poor and less economic family. He had a brother named Pedro Rodriguez. He is also the partner in his business. His family ancestors were not from the United States, and they had shifted to this place to expand their lifestyle. 

Optic Hecz’s Career

He had started his career with gaming organisations. He had been into this world in 2006, and the leader of this company was another and not Rodriguez. He took all the charge of the group as the head in 2007. He was appointed as CEO of the company in the same year only. He had taken participated in many competitions which is related to gaming. He has placed the first portion in the 1st Position, and After that, he took thr second portion and the third place consecutively. When he became the CEO of the company , he decide that he will stay with all the member of the Gaming. Whenever he was asked about the conflicts that arise in between due to the gaming reason. He answered very wisely that, It is the part of every house as every person should get along with this. Every player wants to do their best, and if they can’t do it, this may hurt their ego, which leads to conflicts. After some time, he sold the company to INFINITE ESPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT in 2017. Then incoming the immortals and the optic gaming is a required by Infinite. Currently, he is the CEO of Sports. 

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Optic Hecz’s Personal Life

He has been in a relationship for the past 13 years of his life with the judicial. The couple was also seen together. But whenever he was asked to always remain quiet in this matter and very much open on the social media. He doesn’t like to speak about his relationship status.

Optic Hecz’s Net Worth

He holds a net worth of $3 million, which he had gained from the gaming that he had done in his career timeline. There is no I formation about winning any awards in his career timeline. 

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