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Patrick Bet David Net Worth

Patrick was born in the year 1978. He has a mixture of two nationalities which us Iran and American. He is an Iranian-American businessman and advisor. He advised the business and wrote many books regarding this topic. He is one of the top business advisors. He urged the best for the start-up plans. Many people have taken his dreams and made their start-up in a significant amount. By profession, he was a manager, but he managed to handle his life differently that made him different from others.

Early Life

He had completed his schooling and entered the U.S military. He had been part of the US army in the airborne team. After working there for some time, he left and joined Morgan Stanley and served him. While working there, he started a website with the theme of Saving America in the year 2009. After working there, he started working on the radio for the broadcast of the show. As his radio broadcast grows, we’ll motivate the young generation who want to become an entrepreneur. He inspires with his speech. He trains for the business and gives various ideas regarding business setup through different platforms through social networks. Surprisingly, he is also an author, and he wrote many books which were published and distributed in heavy numbers. Some of the names of his books are YOUR NEXT FIVE MOVES, The Life of an Entrepreneur, Drop out, and many more.


He is the founder of the PHP agency in the year 2009. He is the owner of the agency that provides insurance goods which are commercial service marketing. The agency in which he worked is located in Dallas, Texas. In addition, he has a Valuetainment Media LLC. This company generates Youtube and many outlets. He had interviews with many great personalities such a Kobe Bryant, Wayne Gretzky, John Capilari. He always believed in God, and he says himself as a follower of God. He worked day and night to serve this agency to rise to a new height. He gives the perfect answer to the queries of the person that needs a solution.

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Personal Life

At present, he is 43years. He was born in the year of 1978. He was born in the Land of Iran. They moved from Iran during the time of Iran and Iraq in late 1980. They remained in exile for about two years before entering the United States in 1990. He married to love of his life whom he loved the most, JENNIFER BET DAVID. They settled their life with the sweet memories that they had kept with themselves. They both took oath as husband and wife in the year 2009. In addition to their happiness, they became proud parents of three children (one girl and two boys).

Net Worth

Patrick Bet David has a net worth of $150million. He is a great advisor and has owned an Agency. He had also made his career his radio as well as the entrepreneur in the management.

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