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Paul Mooney Net Worth

Paul Mooney made his career as an American comedian as well as a writer and a social critic. He is also working as an actor. He got his name and fame after collaborating with Redd Foxx as well as Eddie Murphy and Dave Chappelle. He even wrote for a comedian named Richard Pryor, making him even more famous. He is also known for his various series called Sanford and Son and In Living Color, and Chappelle’s Show. He has himself played memorable roles in multiple movies, such as Sam Cooke in a show named The Buddy Holly Story, which was released in the year 1978, and a character named JuneBug in a movie called Bamboozled, which was released in the year 2000 and many more.

Paul Mooney Early Life

Paul Mooney’s real name is Paul Gladney. Paul was brought up to this world on 4th August of 1941. He was born in Shreveport, which is situated in Louisiana in the U.S. After seven-year, their family moved to Oakland, which is located in California in the U.S. His father’s name was George Gladney, and his mother’s name was Latoya Ealy. From a very young age, he was raised mainly by his grandmother, Almay Ealy. His stage name Paul Mooney was inspired by an actor Paul Muni who acted in a stage drama named Scarface, released in 1932.

Paul Mooney Career

At the starting phase of his life, he got the ringmaster’s job in a Circus named Gatti- Charles Circus. He was always fond of writing comedy and jokes, and this is when he found a professional work for him where he used to write comedy for Richard Pryor as a writer. He used to write everything for Richard Pryor, from his appearance on Saturday Night Live to material for Live on the Sunset Strip Bicentennial Nigger. He has even acted in various cult classics named Which Way Is Up, including Richard Pryor Himself. He was assigned as the head writer for the movie named In Living Color for the first year. He later played the father of the film’s main character named Damon Wa, yarns in a Bamboozled film. He even appeared as a host for Black History Month, a tribute by BET. After all this, Paul released his first-ever book, which was titled Black is the New White. After a few years, he had prostate cancer which his brother announced; still, with his determination, he continued to perform his comedy and tour. 

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Paul Mooney Personal Life

He was accused of raping Richard Pryor’s son Richard Pryor Jr, but this wasn’t confirmed that Paul was the one who did it. Paul Mooney died due to a heart attack on 19th May of 2021, at his home in Oakland, California. He died at the age of 79.

Paul Mooney Net Worth

Paul Mooney had a net worth of a total of $500 thousand.

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