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Paul Reiser Net Worth

Paul had made his career as an actor and a television series actor. He had also made his career as a musician. He had made his roles as a Michael Taylor in the year 1980 series named My Two Dads. He had played the part of the Paul Buchman in the series called Mad About You. She had also played the role of the Modell in the film named Diner. She had played different roles in the various films. More popularly, he is known as Doug Getty in the Amazon Video series Red Oaks. 

Paul Reiser’s Early Life

Paul Was brought down on this earth on 30th March of 1956. Ge was brought down on this earth on the land of New York, which is present in the US. He was born to Helen Hollinger Reiser and Samuel H Reiser. When he was born, he was working as a homemaker. His mother was the first woman who had done her graduation from college. His father was working as wholesale health food disturbed. He Had made his career in the Military. He had a relation of Romanian Jewish ancestry. He had done his graduation from Binghamton University. He had done his schooling at the Stuyvesant High School. He had attended the East Side Hebrew Institute. He had done his graduation in the subjects of music and Piano. When he was in the school, he was an active member of the Student Theatre Productions in the Hinman Little Theatre. He was in the community Theatre Organisation. The organisation changes its name to the Hinman Production Company. 

Paul Reiser’s Career

He had worked as a stand-up comedian. He had given the debut in the film, which was known as Diner, which came out in the year 1982. The film was the Coming of age. Barry Levinson gave the directions. He had played the role of the Modell, which was a standup comedian. This role made him come into the eyes of Hollywood. He had played a role in James Cameron’s Movie named Aleins in 1986. He had also played a role in the movie called My Two Dads in the year 1987. But the prominence came after he had played the role in the series named as Mad About You. He had played the character of Paul Buchman in the year 1992 in the 1999. He had made many movie such as Crazy people, the marrying Man, Cross My Heart, Diner, Beverly Hilla Cops, Odd Jobs, Family prayers, Mr White, Get Bruce, Bye Bye Love, The Story of Us Pros and cons, Once Night, My Things about My Folks, The Aristocrats, Whiplash, Life after Bath, Concusion, Joshy, Miles, The Books Of Love, The Darkness, The Books Of Love, the darkness, The Little Hours, Horse Girl, Fatherhood. He had made some the television series such as Remington Steele, Sunset Limousine, The Disney Sunday Movie, My Two Dads, Mad About You, The Tower, 37th Annual Grammy award, Saturday Night live, My Beautiful Son, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Women vs Men, The Paul Reiser, Behind The Candelabra, Trip Tank, Red Oaks, Stranger Things and many more series. 

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Paul Reiser’s Personal Life

He got married to Paula Ravens on the year 21st August of 1988. He was blessed with two children named Erza Samuel and his child in 1995. When his child was born, he was named Cerebral Palsy. He had a cousin who was a writer, and his name was Will Reiser. He had written an autobiography about a comedy-drama film named 50/50. 

Paul Reiser’s Net Worth

He holds a net worth of $75 million which he had gained from the movies he had made in his career timeline. He has won many awards for his work.

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