Paul Wall Net Worth

The music industry is full of multi-talented artists who have achieved great success at a young age, and one of them is Paul Michael Slayton. He is better known with his stage name, Paul Wall, and is a popular DJ, Rapper, and actor. He has worked under several labels, but one of the major labels for which he has been working for several years is Swishahouse Records. He released numerous albums under the same label and also collaborated with multiple rappers working for it. He started his journey with Chamillionaire, with whom he released several albums without any label distribution, and one of them sold more than 350000 copies, which was a massive success. His song ‘Grillz’ got him nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Rap as a duo.

Early life

Paul Wall was born in Georgetown, Texas, on March 11, 1981, and his full name is Paul Gideon Manry. He grew up in his birthplace and was interested in rapping and music from his childhood. He started his education at the Jersey Village High School, where he became friends with Mike Jones. After that, he joined the University of Houston and completed his education there in Mass Speaking. It was then he decided that he want to make rapping his career and don’t want to study further.

He dropped from the university and started following his passions of rapping. He joined hands with Chamillionaire and formed a group called ‘The Colour Changin Click.’ They promoted several labels through the group by releasing music for them. In the year, 2005 he left the group and released his independent album named; ‘The Peoples Champ.’ It was the top position in the Billboard 200 and was quite successful.

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Career beginning

Paul started his career with Chamillionaire when he released his first mixtape named; ChoppinEm Up Part 2 around 1999. The duo of Paul and Chamillionaire become the fan favorite, and they released several mixtapes and became an inseparable part of Swishahouse. With each mixtape being released, they were getting more popular, and bigger opportunities were coming their way. Paul was exposed to music for the first time when he was a member of a street team in Houston.

He is a highly successful party and mixtape DJ specializing in the screwed and chopped style created by DJ Screw. One of his albums in the year 2003 sold more than 500000 copies and brought great success and profits to him.

Personal life

Paul Wall is a married man and has two children. In December 2016, there was a rumor that he was caught in a drug raid, but later, he himself admitted it. In 2011, there was another rumor that he was joining hands with the PowerHouse Label, but it was completely fake. He was quite overweight, but in 2010, he went through a gastric sleeve surgery along with an extreme diet, which helped him to lose more than 100 lbs.

Net worth

According to the year 2020, Paul wall net worth is around $5 million, and it is undoubtedly going to increase in the future.

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