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Paulie Malignaggi Net Worth

Paulie’s real name is Paul Paulie Malignaggi. By profession, she is a professional boxer. He had competed for the various championship. He had worked as the boxing commentator. He had done the commenting in the world championship. He had done the IBF junior Welterweight and WBA Welterweight from 2012 to 2013. He is more known for his Hand Speed and his Boxing Ability.

Early Life

Paulie was brought up in this world on 23rd November in 1980. He was born to Italian Parents. His parents are an immigrant from Italy. He had sent most of his childhood to Syracuse, Sicily. Their family moved to New York when his brother was born. So his family had decided to sWay back in Brooklyn. His father had returned to Italy, and his mother got married again. His relation with his stepfather is not that great. He usually gets into fights with his father. When their relation didn’t go well, he was sent to his grandparent’s house to live with him. In his school, he used to get into fights. He was so much involved in street Fights. He was using knives and guns. He was an aggressive boy who got angry from minimal issues. His mother was very much tensed about this habit. His parent’s separation affects him a lot. For which he cannot cooperate with his stepfather. 


He was a professional in the year 2001, and he had taken the match from his 21 fights. He had fought his first fight for the world championship title against Miguel Cotto. The championship has taken on the 10th June 2006. Cotton had injured one eye of Paulie. He was not bothering for his fight during the fight. He was so involved in the match that he didn’t care for his watch. However, That match was won by Cotto due to an uneven decision. He had taken retirement from boxing, and then he joined the te, am MacGregor. Then a rumor was raised that he fought with Gregor. The photo was leaked on social media. He left the team Mc Gregor, and he denied all rumors. He had done a total of 44 matches of fights. He Had won 36 games. He had won a Gold medal in the Colorado Lightweight championship; he had won gold in another title whose name is the 2000 News Orleans Lightweight Championship. He was a renowned champion in his field.

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personal Life

Paulie’s Current love is very much enjoyable. For now, he is single and not dating anyone. He was in a relationship with Jessica. She claimed that she was pregnant with Paulie’s Child. But Paulie denied all the rumors. Now he is happily single and not interested in love. His Family was an Italian Immigrant who had come from Italy to New York.

Net Worth

Paulie holds a total net worth of $5 million from his boxing career. He had also gained from the boxing commentary which he was doing.

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