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Pentatonix Net Worth

It is not the name of a single but a band or Capella Group. The Group originated from America. It was founded in Arlington, which is present in Texas. The Group had a vocalist and many more members. They usually generate the music of the existing Christmas songs and pop songs. They typically perform the song with the original tune and the original material. The Group was formed in 2011, and they won the competition known as “The Sing-Off.”

About The Group

Pentatonix was usually written as the “PTX.” It was founded in 2011—the Group assembled in Arlington, present in Texas, US. Kristin Maldonado formed the Group. The group members are Kristin Maldonado, Mitch Grassi, Scott Hoying. These three are schoolmates and are brought up together with each other. They had done their schooling at Martin High School in Arlington, Texas. For the meet with the cast kf Glee, they had prepared the advanced version of “Telephone.” The original album was done by Lady Gaga, in which Beyonce was seen. But their attempt got failed, but they succeeded in gaining attention in School. They used to perform the song in their school functions and soon on Youtube. Hoping had graduated from the University of Southern California, Maldonado graduated from Oklahoma. They had done their schooling from there and moved separately and completed their graduation.


The Group was formed for the competition. When Scott was in his university, he joined the band known as Socal Vocal. He insisted Maldonado and Grassi join the Group. They suggested that they notably formed the band and participated in the competition. They met with Avi Kaplan through a mutual friend, and they found Kevin Olusola from Youtube. He got the eye because of thr skill of beatboxing whiCh he was doing spectacularly. The Group was formed, and they had performed in the audition for the “THE SIGNOFF.” They completed all the rounds of the audition. Eventually, they won the third season of the “THE SIGNOFF.” In the year 2012, they signed under Sony Pictures. They had done many covers of the song of popular songs. They worked under several labels. This way, the number of fans got increased day by day. They had done the covers of the “Someday that I Used to Know,” Gangnam Style, and We are Young. These are the song that got more popular on Youtube. The Group had won the Grammy Award about three times. The final members of Scott Hoying, Kristin Maldonado, Mitch Grassi, Kevin Olusola, Matt Sallee. They had a Youtube channel with 19 million subscribers and gained 5 billion views. They had won the Best County Duo for the Group Performance.

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Personal Life

Pentatonix’sPentatonix’s Member Kevin got married on 16th September. He got married to Leigh Weissman. Then, Kristin Maldonado got married to Ben Hausdorff in the year 2018.

Net Worth

The Group holds a net worth of $40 million, gained from their shows and cover albums.

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