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Philip Defranco Net Worth

Philip is known as Philip James DeFranco. He was born Philip James Franchini Jr. He was born in 1985 on 1st December. By profession, he is an American Youtuber. He had many shows in which he had done the anchoring, such as The Philip Defranco. He had created many channels in the youtube channel. He had also done the blogging medium, which was known as Philly D. 

Early Life

Philip was born on 1st December. He was born in New York City. He was born Philip James Franchini Jr. He was born in the proper place of New York is called The Bronx. He lived with his stepmother. She works at a Car Dealership; He studied very hard to achieve success. He took a student loan to buy a camera and computer for his work. In his career, he had worked very hard to achieve success. He had completed his studies at the University of South Florida. He had completed his graduation from Biology at the college Asheville -Buncombe Technical Community College. For earning some amount of money, he worked very hard in a restaurant as a waiter. He used to live in a car, and then he returned to his father.


He had made up his mind to do something big in his life. He had started his career on Youtube in the Year2001 on 15th September. He was doing his final preparation from the college East Carolina University. He was doing the videos, which was known as The Philip Defranco Show. 

Some of the videos, Sxe Phil, were posted on Youtube, deleted after, and some became private on the channel. He had also done the web series named Hooking Up, in which he was paired with Jessica Rose and Kevin Wu. Woody Tondrof wrote this web series. In his YouTube channel, for his videos, he got millions of views for his work. Initially, he took Youtube as his entertainment. Then slowly, he gave more importance to Youtube instead of any piece of work.

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Personal Life

Philip has a severe kidney disease which was known as Polycystic kidney disease. It is a hereditary disease that was cane from his grandfather to his father and his father to him. He lives in Encino, which is present in Los Angeles. He lives with his wife who’s name is Lindsay Jordan Defranco. His wife works as an advocate, media literacy. The couple got blessed with two sons. He admired his love in front of the world on 16th August 2013, and The couple was blessed with their first child one the year Philip James, born in the year2014. Their second child was born in the year2014. He had won as Sexiest Geek in the year2008; He had also won the best news series in the year2010. He had also won Audience Choice for Best Series of the Year.

Net Worth

The net worth of Philip Defranco is all-around $12 million. From being homeless to living a luxurious life, he came a long way.

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