Philip LaDon Phillip Jr. Is the birth name given to him at that time of birth. He has chosen his career as a musician, singer, and songwriter. He gained his fandom after winning the 12th season of American Idol. His song, which was sung on the stage of American Idol, was named “Home .”Another song he had made his debut was called “THE WORLD FROM THE SIDE OF THE MOON .”His works sold many copies to his fans. Millions and millions of copies were sold to his Fans.

Early Life

He was taken down on earth on 20th September on1990. He was born in Albany, which was present in Georgia, U.S. He was born from Sheryl Phillips and to Phillip LaDon Donnie Phillips Sr. When he was only 12 years old, he shifted to Leesburg, which we present in Georgia. He had two siblings, and both of them are sisters whose names are La Donna, and he had Lacey. He was raised and brought up in Sasser. He had completed his schooling at Lee County High School. He had done his radiation from the college known as Albany Technical college. He had done his major in the subject which is Industrial Systems Technology. He had not completed his graduation and facilitation day because of the American idol. When he was only 14 years old, he started his guitar playing skill. He learned, and he was being taught by his friend and brother-in-law, Benjamin Neil.


He had started his career in 2012. He had given American Idol audition in Savannah, which was present in Georgia. He had given the audition by singing the song, Superstition, which Stevie Wonder originally sang. By seeing him, Megan Micheal said he was very impressed, and he thought he could win the season. On 23rd February 2012, he was selected as the Top 25thfinalist. He was being voted as the Top13. His voice was usually correlated with the famous singer “The Stone .”In the middle of the American Idol, he was being sent to Hospital in an emergency case. He had a kidney stone. When he was doing his final, he sang Nice & Slow. He sang the National Anthem in the Opening ceremony in the 2012 world Series. He had sung the song “Home .”The music collected 5 million copies. It had a lot of attention from the media, and he gained a lot of attention from his fans. He had worked under the labels such as 19 and Interscope. His albums were sold around 2.7 million Times. In Spotify, he had millions and millions of streams.

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Personal Life

When he was doing American Idol, he suffered from kidney disease. He was being operated all the kidney stones were taken out. He declared that he was marrying his long-time girlfriend, Hannah Backwell, on 26th December 2014. They got married in Albany, which is present in Georgia, in the same year, 2014. The couple was blessed with a baby boy.

Net Worth

He holds a net worth of $ 3.5 million, which he gained from his musical career and dedication.

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