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Preacher Lawson Net Worth

The Preacher was brought down on this earth on 14th March 1991. He had chosen his career as a comedian. He was the last survivor in the America Got Talents, the 12th Season. He was in the 5th position in the American Got Talent. Besides doing the comedy, he had his own YouTube channel with millions of subscribers. He posts videos about Sarcasm and Comedy videos. He usually gets millions of subscribers on his YouTube Channel.

Early Life

He was cried in the land of Portland, which is in Oregon. He was brought down on the earth on 14th March 1991. He usually shifts from one place to another. When he was only ten years old, he went from one site. Then he lived permanently in Memphis, which is Tennessee. He started acting as a comedian when he was tiny. He had started his career in the land of Orlando, which is in Florida. The place was his hometown of Lawson. His childhood was not smooth; he would work very hard to earn. He never underestimates the efforts which his mother put in for survival. His mother never suffered his son from poverty. His occupancy in the car is identical to the palace for him. He used to pen down the jokes on paper and listen to them to his mother from his childhood. After a year, he used to perform those jokes on a stage. He had won the funniest Comedian, which was present in Florida.


He has started his career in the year 2010. He is a comedian by profession, and he used to perform all his skills on an exact stage. In 2017, he was seen in the 12th Season in American Got Talent. He survived the elimination round and took the position of 5thin the Season. He was part of the America Got Talent, held in Las Vegas. There he was part of the winner prize. He also had a Youtube channel. In his channel, many subscribers are there. He put down the videos such as Vlogs, Vegan cooking, and all types he comedy series. For one of his videos, he got millions of views within some time. He also got 630,000 subscribers within some time. He runs the channel, which was named Box Of Chocolate. The channel was the Skit Creating Channel. He crosses the benchmark of 100 k subscribers in the year 2017. He had 23.7 million in his channel in 2021. He had the channel name the Preacher Lawson.

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Personal Life

He concerns his long-time girlfriend, Janine Foster. They usually spotted together while going out for dinner. He didn’t open it in public, but they always spotted each other.

Net Worth

He holds a total net worth of $1.5 million, which he gained from the shows he did in his career. He was close to winning a prize in the Show known as American Got talent. His struggles took the rise for his hard work and dedication.

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