Preston was brought down on this earth on 14th August 1969. He had chosen his profession as a stunt worker and an actor, and a comedian. He had also done the stunt show, which was known as Jackass. He was seen in different movies as well as television series. He is more famous for his work as a Stuntman. His most recognizable work is in the Jackass. 

Early Life

He was taken down on this earth on 14th August 1969. He was born in the land of Carthage, which is in the Missouri that is present in the US. From his childhood, he had started doing stunts which are not that serious. Then slowly, he had started his career. He had started his career as a truck driver in Missouri. Then to pursue his career, he went to California. He had struggled a lot to reach the place where he belongs now. All happenings started from childhood only. 


They started as a truck driver and became the most successful stunt man and actor in Hollywood. He had started his work after he moved to California. He had started his career by doing many commercial ads, which was offered to him, and for some, he had done the audition. He had ads such as Napster. At the same time, he was doing the Super Bowl XXXIX. He was doing the commercial ads. There he met with Johnny Knoxville. When two ideas meet, it becomes explosive. They had started to collaborate their ideas and create their Knoxville show known as Jackass. He had convinced many artists to perform, but some approached, but some denied. They also convinced Lacy to participate, and he agreed. He agreed to do the stunts. After that Lacy, Shares the credit to National Lampoon a Tv: The Movie. Starting, it was decided he would be in the writing section. But he started to do the Stunts in the show. He had done many television series, which was known as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jackass, Jackass Uncensored, Tom Green Live, Bam Unholy Union,, 2010MTV Video Music Award, Up Close With Carrie Keagen, Made In Hollywood, A tribute To Ryan Dunn. He had done some films whose name is Don’t try this at home, Jackass: the movie, CKy4: the latest &Greatest, Don’t try this at home, Grind, Jackass: number two, TV: the movie Christmas in wonderland, The life Of Lucky Cucumber, Guesthouse, Jackass 3.5, Jackass Forever. He was also a member of the video game whose name was Jackass the Game. He also did Musical videos such as Flesh into Gear; we want Fun, Krazy, Memories. 

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Personal Life

He is still unmarried and has no interest in having a relationship. He keeps focused on his career and wants to flourish it in his way. He suffered from obesity for a time, and then he worked on it and helped it out.

Net Worth

He holds a total net worth of $3 million tonight which he had gained from the films and the television series he had performed. 

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