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Ralph Tresvant Net worth

Have you heard about the very popular R&B group? If yes, you would be familiar with the very popular and lead singer of this group known as Ralph Tresvant. He is very popular as the new edition, and his outstanding talent has made him earn tremendous fame in a very short period. At present, the R&B group is mainly recognized for the amazing performance of ralph. You would be having some idea about him, but if you want to get a full-fledged idea about his private life and other aspects then, you will surely find it very helpful.

Early life

Ralph Tresvant was born in 1968 in the Boston area of Massachusetts. His father is Ralph Edward crescent, and his mother’s name was Patricia Tresvant. From childhood time he was having a great interest in music. He had two siblings, a brother named Andre and a sister named La Tonya. They all love to enjoy listening to and singing to music. He started performing in the live talent hunt events and was fully satisfied by his performance as lots of people were loving it. There is no knowledge about his education status and the courses he pursued getting educated.

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Career beginning

Ralph always had a desire to be a lead singer of the group, and this dedication motivates him to form a group. Yes, at a very early age, he planned to form a group with his artist named Bobby Brown, Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, and Ronald DeVoe. They were trying to give recognition to their brand as the new edition of the very popular band Jackson 5. The very first hit of the band was ‘candy Girl’, which was under the label of StreetWise records. The several amazing hits were under their name, which was mainly Lost in Love, Is This the end, and the very amazing track named Earth Angel from the Karate Kids 2.

Then ralph decided to commence his journey as a solo artist. He tried his level best to earn fame which he was getting through the group. For getting better attention, he collaborated with MCA records. He got a major break when the producer Jimmy Jam was impressed by the confidence of the artist. They launched a very amazing album which was a big hit at that time. Its name was “heartbreak”.

Tresvant was a lead singer in the song, and you will be surprised to know that this album was sold 1 million times. After this, his time changed, and he launched several hit songs back to back. He made his first appearance in the movie named House Party 2. 2008 was a year when he decided to form a group with Bobby brown and Johny Gils, which was named as The head of state.

Personal life

Ralph was firstly married to Shelly Tresvant in 1993, and they got separated in the year 1996. The reports suggest that he then tied a knot with Amber Serrano in 2004. He is currently having four children named Dakari Tresvant, Mariah Tresvant, Na’Quelle Tresvant, and Ralph Tresvant J,

Net worth

The net worth of Ralph Tresvant is estimated at $10 million.

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