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Ray Lewis Net worth

Ray Lewis was born Raymond Anthony Lewis and he is a former football player from the US. He has remained active in the sport in the NFL or National Football League linked with Baltimore Ravens for the past 17 years. He has been playing football since his college days. He has been recognized as the NFL Defensive Player at the known football tournament along with getting the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Award. While he remains the first to win this award. 

He was also chosen at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in his very first year of its eligibility. With several awards and powerful play, Ray has emerged as the best middle linebacker in the history of the National Football League, while he is among a few players who have played for the NFL for three decades. 

Early Life 

Ray Lewis was born and brought up in Florida. His death of birth is 18th May 1975. He did his schooling at Kathleen High School in Lakeland and before playing football, he was also a wrestler of par excellence in his school days. However, while he was busy being on the top as a prolific wrestler, he was caught in the habit of consuming drugs and booked for several drugs based offenses. During his interviews later, he disclosed that he lost his father in the early days, while his stepfather had been very abusive to him and his mother. 

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Career Beginning 

His football started during his university days. He was an active member of the Miami Hurricanes football team after getting enrolled at the University of Miami. He started playing with the said team and helped them win the final five games. With his incredible dribbling skills and winning records for his team, he was soon named as the freshman All-American team. Later, during the sophomore season, he was able to earn other honors from All American and All-Big groups. After playing at the junior level, he soon entered the senior level where he kept on scoring on a better note giving everyone the best wherever he played. 

He was framed on a murder charge but as the trial went ahead, the case was dismissed making him walk free. Two people of other groups were killed due to stabbing and Ray was seen getting trapped in the matter. However, nothing turned against the footballer and he came out free from it. He has played for three decades and that itself is a history for him. He is also engaged in several other works including charity. 

Personal Life 

He has been a committed Christian and his association with football has remained as per his faith. He has six kids, which include four boys and two daughters. His eldest son Ray Lewis III is a football player as well and represents the university of Minami like him and later also in Coastal Carolina. His other sons are also treading the same path as him to become a professional footballer. 

Net worth 

His Networth is estimated as 48 Million USD. 

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