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Rhett McLaughlin Net Worth

Rhett had made his career as an author. Besides doing the author, he is also a Youtuber and a comedian and a comedian and show host. He had kept his work in the different fields of his career. For this reason, he had many followers and a great fan following. He has also had the show named Good Mythical Morning. Currently, he is working on a comedy show and entertaining the audience. 

Rhett McLaughlin’s Early Life

Rhett was born with the name Rhett James McLaughlin. He was brought out on earth on 11th October 1977. He was born in Georgia, which is in the U.S. He holds the nationality of American. He was born under the religion of Christianity. He was born under the star sign of Scorpio. After he was born, he was shifted to Buies Creek, which was in North Carolina. In that place, he met his best friend named Link. He was taken birth from Jim McLaughlin and Diane McLaughlin. He had a sibling named Cole McLaughlin. He had done his graduation in the B. Tech. But he chooses to take his career as same as his best friend. They had made their career in that field where they took their interests. 

Rhett McLaughlin’s Career

He started his career in 2006. At starting he had worked as an engineer, and then he quit his job and opted for the job he wanted. He and his friend Link made their career in comedy videos. They used to take the conference and took the meeting. They had started their Youtube and made their video on Youtube. Their show usually on aired in the Timing of 6:00 am E.S.T. The show was named Good Mythical Morning. Currently, the show was 7.2 billion views and had 17.1 million subscribers on his channel. Besides their one channel, they also had another channel in which they used to run another show. They had also made their appearance in the videos such as “My Robot Girlfriend” and Space Junk and also “The S.E.T.I. Song”. As a guest, he was seen in the Loopez Tonight. They had also made their appearance in the show known as the Last call with Carson Daly and also in Conan. They had participated in American Got Talents, but unfortunately, they were abolished from the first selection of the show. After that, they were seen in the “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” In 2022, they stated that they were producing a show known as “The Taste Buds with Rhett & Link.” They were awarded Webby Awards, I.A.W.T.V. Awards, Streamy Awards, La Web Awards, Shorty Awards and many more. 

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Rhett McLaughlin’s Personal Life

Currently, he resides in La Crescenta -Montrose, California. He got married to Jessie and got blessed with two sons. 

Rhett McLaughlin’s Net worth

He holds a net worth of $20 million, which he had gained from the various comedy videos. 

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