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Richard Dreyfuss Net Worth

Richard’s actual name is Richard Stephen Dreyfuss. He had chosen his career as an actor. He had done many films such as American Graffiti, Jaws and Closure Encounters of the Third Kind, The GoodbyeGirl, The competition, Stand by Me, and many more. For his work, he had won many awards, many respected awards.

Early Life

Richard was brought down in this world on 29th October 1947. He cried for the first time in Brooklyn, RK. He was taken birth from Norman Dreyfus and Geraldine. His father works as the Restaurateur and also as an attorney. He also works in a plastics company originating from the Violent gang Culture. His mother works as a peace activist. His father had suffered from the accident during World War II by exploding Mortar in the Battle Of the Bulge. When Richard was 21 years old, he died. Richard talked to his father because he married more than once and left his mother. During the time of death, still, he was not talking to his father. He was brought up in the Bayside area of Queens in New York. He holds the ancestry of Jewish. His ancestors were migrated from Russia and Poland. He had done his schooling at Beverly Hills High School.


When he was only 15 years old, he had started acting and made his debut in the television series Mama House. He had begun to learn performing from Bill Miller. He had attended the Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills Arts Centre and Westside Jewish Community Centre. During his uprising career, he had participated in his graduation. California State University, which was present in Northbridge. He was also working part-time in the hospital. He got some time to work in the small television series by this time. For the two years, he worked both in the hospital and on television screens. He used to act in a small role in television series such as Peyton Place, Gidget, That Girl, Gunsmoke, Bewitched, The Ghost &Mrs. Muir. His first lead was in the Canadian movie The Apprenticeships of Duddy Kravitz, which was released in 1974. This movie got many positive reviews from the audience. He had also earned compliments from Pauline Kael. He had done some television series such as Karen, Peyton Place, Gidget, The big valley, that giRL, Judd &Mr. Muir, and much more television series. Some of his films he had worked on are Whose life Is It Anyway, Down aOut in Beverly Hills, the buddy system, Stand By me, Tinmen, Stakeout, nuts, Moon Over Parador, Let it Ride, Always, List In Yonkers, and many more.

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Personal Life

He got married to the producer, whose name is Jeramie Rain, in the 1980s. He was blessed with their children, Emily, Benjamin, and Harry. In 2006, he was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. He was accused of severe allegations from others. 

Net Worth

He holds a net worth of $5 million. He had gained from his acting career by the dedication and hard work.

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