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Rick Rubin Net Worth: The story of a rich American Producer

Born on March 10, 1963 Frederick Jay “Rick” Rubin is of the celebrated American record producer. Columbia Records rose to fame with him being the Co-President. Def Jam Recordings also came to life with the partnership of Russell Simmons. The duo even worked towards the success of American Recordings. Rick Rubin started making Hip Hop music quite popular with the collaboration of Beastie Boys, Public Enemy,LL Cool J,Geto Boys, as well as Run-DMC. Known as the ‘Important producer in the two decades” was the title awarded to Rick by MTV in the year 2007. Being one amongst the 100 influential individuals in the world,Rick’s net worth is estimated to be $250 million.

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A little more on the early days and profession of Rick

Although born in Lon Beach which is in the New York, Rick’s parents chose to raise him in.Rick studied in the Long Beach High School. This is where his music career started off. He along with the other boys, established a band along with the guidance of his teacher. As a joint venture, they started the famous band, ‘The Pricks’.Def Jam Records was founded when was in the senior year and released his first track in the year 1982. He became quite popular and started touring several cities in the United States of America. He along with the band started collaborating with some of the popular bands like Meat Puppets, Circle Jerks,HüskerDü,Minor Threat, and Butthole Surfers . This is when Rubin’s interest towards hip-hop started growing. In the year 1984, Rubin bid good-bye to the band. 

He later associated with the DJ Jazzy Jay from Zulu Nation through whom his Hip Hop skills reached to another level. The song, “It’s Yours” that was released as part of the Def Jam became a popular hit. Jazzy later helped Rubin get associated with Russell Simmons

The name Def Jan Records came into existence in the year 1984 when Rubin attended the New York University. Rubin travelled across the states popularizing the brand and after a few years Rubin switched over to Rap as well as rock music. He collaborated with the popular metal band, Slayer.  “Reign in Blood” was their first production together. He was quite at his peak during these years and produced a lot of other famous albums like the Electric in the year 1987 followed by the Cult’s. After a few years of association with this band, Rubin started the Def American / American Recordings.  The other works of Rick are Stadium Arcadium, Voodoo-U, Mick Jagger’s “Wandering Spirit, Donovan’s “Sutras and others.

Properties and Net worth

Apart from music, Rick also has a quite prominent influence in the real estate as well. He has a few prominent properties in the Lose Angeles area. He has spent quite a lot on the gated mansion and $785,000 for a haunted home in Laurel Canyon of Los Angeles. He calls this home as “Mansion”. He has offered this place to a lot of musicians as a studio. Red-HotChili Peppers, Audioslave, Linkin Park, Maroon 5, The Mars Volta, Slipknot are some of the most famous bands that has recorded in this studio. Shangri La as well as Malibu are the other places where Rick has properties. With all these things Rick’s net worth has reached to $250 million.

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