Robert Oberst Net Worth

Robert Oberst had made his career as a strong man. He was awarded many awards. He was awarded Pro Card in the year 2012. He was awarded Dallas Europa Amateur Strongman Competition. After completing his career, he was invited to the World Strongest Man, and he was the finalist in the year 2013, and he was also in the 2018 world Strongest Man competition. 

Robert Oberst’s Early Life

Robert Oberst was brought out in this world on 20th December 1984. He was born in the land of Santa Cruz, which is in California, United States. He had another name known as Obie. When he was small, he used to be tall among his friends. His height was 6ft 1inch. He weighed around 99 kg. At that time, he was only 12 years old. He had done his schooling from the school Aptos High School. The school was present in Aptos, which is in California. In his school time, he used to play football in the track and field. He used to the letter about four times in Football. After that, he played football at the college level. He had done his graduation from Western Oregon University. He had done his graduation from History. He had completed his graduation in 2008 from Western Oregon University.

Robert Oberst’s Career

While he was working, he was working in the Nightclub. While he was performing there, his co-workers insisted he interested in the Strongman competition. They encouraged him to participate in the events. While he was doing the first practice, he broke his leg and took the amateur log press World record. He weighed 150 kg and 330 lbs. Then after winning, he was more focused on the weighing. He took training Oberst. He had received the Pro-Card. Slowly he had won the San Jose Fit Expo in the year 2012. He had won first place in the Dallas Europa in 2012. He had won third place in the America Strongest Man in the year 2012. He had won first place in the Giant Live Las Vegas in the Year2013. He had won First place in Odd Haugen US Open MAS Wrestling Championship in The year 2013. He had won third place in the All American Strong man Championship, and He had won sixth Place in Giants Live British Open in the year2013. He had also won Third Place in the China Strongest Man in 2013 and ninth place in the world Strongest Man in 2013. In the same year, he Had won the American Strongest Man. In 2016, he had won sixth place in Giants Live North American Open, Third place in the Arnold Strongman Classic Australia in 2015. He had won the Log Lift of 465 lb and a deadlift of 750 lb.

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Robert Oberst’s Personal Life

He got married to Kristin Oberst in the year 2012. They got married in Hanford, which is in California. He always said that his wife was his first motivation. But they got separated for some years. They got blessed with a baby boy named Atlas Bear Oberst on 8th September 2015.

Net worth

He held a net worth of $2 million, which he had gained from the championship that he had done. 

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