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Rodney Dangerfield Net Worth

Rodney was born with name which is known as Jacob Rodney Cohen. He was brought down into this world on 22 November 1921. He had chosen his career as a comedian and actor, and producer. He was also a great musician and an author. He was famous for his one dialogue known as “I don’t get no respect .”He had taken his career as the stand-up Comedy and worked on it. He earned money by stand-up Comedy in the Lounge of New York. 

Early Life

Dangerfield was brought and cried down on this earth on 22 November 1921. The name which was given by his parents was Jacob Rodney Cohen. He opened his eyes to Babylon, present in New York, US. He had an ancestry of Jewish. He was the gene of the Jewish couple, Dotty Teitelbaum and Philip Cohen. His father had kept another or stage is known as a Phil Roy. Her mother made her first appearance in the empire of the Hungarian monarchy. Danger’s father He was busy with he his schedule and didn’t have the chance to meet his son. He was so active in his work area, and he didn’t have the time to meet his son, a significantly less time was left to meet him twice a year. His mother’s behavior was not that good towards dangers. In his childhood, he had faced specific problems, such as distance from his mother. She never shows any affection towards risks. A man in his youth was persecuting him. He had done his schooling at Richmond High School. For the betterment of his family, he was the seller kf the vegetables and groceries. 


When his career got started, he was just a new commercial in the field of Comedy. He had done the job and was doing the job of Salesman. He had also worked in many hotels and restaurants to survive in his earnings. He was working in the hotel which was known as the Catskill Mountains. He had taken the name of Dangerfield, which was used by the cowboy named Jack Benny. In his career, he was doing stand-up Comedy in the High-end club known as Fantasy Lounge, which was present in New York City. He usually does the Comedy in Self Deprecation, Observational Comedy, Insult comedy, Black Comedy, and Surreal Humor and One liner comedy. He was more famous for his late-night talk shows in 1960 and 1970. He was also a part of many films. For example, The Projectionist. He had portrayed another role known as Boorish Noveau Riche in the Comedy, known as Caddyshack.

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Personal Life

He got married to Joyce Indig in the year 1951. But the couple parted their ways in the year 1961. Then he again married Joyce, but their relationship didn’t have a long age, and they parted their paths forever. He took his divorce in the year 1970. He was blessed with a son and a daughter named Brian and Melanie Roy. On 22 November 2001, he suffered a heart attack while in his show “The tonight show .”He then underwent surgery on the brain and died after six weeks on 5 October 2004.

Net Worth

He held a total net worth of $10 million, which he got from his acting and comedy skills.

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