A financial advisor is a professional in charge of helping to discover the financial needs analyzing the past, present and future situations of the client, taking into account the client’s age, their patrimony, family situation. Through this analysis, the adviser will propose your investment recommendations, being aware of future changes in the circumstances and the needs of the client to be able to act accordingly.

The relationship between the advisor and the client is the key to the financial advice of its fruits, based on mutual trust and ensuring the advisor for the interests of his client as if they were his own. In this way, the financial advisor must always offer independence and be objective in all recommendations, visualizing the long-term future and cultivating and maintaining a close relationship with the client.

What does?

Mainly responsible for providing customized financial solutions and executing orders in the stock market and financial products. Likewise, they are also responsible for managing financial activities on behalf of their clients in exchange for remuneration or commission.

In some cases, it may also offer advisory and consulting services even if its work is merely focused on a relationship of financial transactions or operations, acting as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller.

Commonly, a financial adviser like usually works for companies dedicated to investment, Insurers or business consultants.

What is a financial adviser for?

In any company or business, there is always an urgent need to save in order to have enough money to achieve the proposed goals and evolve into the future. In many cases, we become aware of how difficult and complicated it is to save and questions like “what is the best way to save?”

To solve all these doubts and questions, we will need a good personalized financial advice that will help us choose the most suitable investment strategy for us and which financial products are better suited to our investor profile.

Principal functions:

The main functions of this profile are:

  • Offer consulting or professional financial advice and transaction management to clients.
  • Keep a detailed record of the transactions that have been carried out and the decisions that have been made.
  • Establish business relationships with customers.
  • Be informed to search and find opportunities to access and develop markets and brokerage products.
  • Strive to contribute to the development of the management of the company.

How to become a financial advisor:

An expert financial adviser like Dwayne Rettinger is a professional who looks for solutions for his clients related to the stock market and the financial products. Dwayne Rettinger Investors Group is a Certified Financial Planner having experience of more than ten years of helping his clients make sound and fair financial decisions. The financial advisor also carries out actions on behalf of his clients so that to exercise this profession an enabling certificate is requested.

That is, after completing the Financial Advisory Certificate (CAF) program, the student should be ready to obtain the qualifying certificate to advise on investment issues .

In fact, this final face-to-face examination, which is held once the program has concluded, is the culmination of an online training that includes 80 hours to learn everything necessary to become a certified financial advisor.

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