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How many times it happens when we visit a store found our self spending more than our planned budget. With me it happens almost all the time and the reason is that we do not have control on our temptation. My wife always make plan before visiting the grocery but it never happened that we have not crossed our budget. but this used happened earlier now she stick to the plan and saving lots on groceries from last 5 years. Now same we are going to share with our readers so that they can also save some substantial amount on their grocery expenses.

1. Price comparison

Make a list of the items which you frequently buy from the store. Now compare the prices of these items with other available stores. Now do this with at least 5 or more than 5 stores which are available near by your area. This way you would have idea which item has lower price at which store. or may this would let you know which store can save a good amount of money on overall purchases.

2. Substitute of products

Replacing product can make a huge difference in your prices. But make sure this can work only with close substitute. So if the prices of one item have gone up you can replace with other item which is available at lower price. It is all about the choice if you want to save money it is an easy step that you should take.

3. Check deals,discounts and coupons

Many times we miss discounts just because we are not aware of them. and we don’t take time to search this information otherwise there are lots of information available over the internet where you can find deal and discounts. whenever you are planning to visit the store check their all deals and discounts this would definitely help to save you some dollars.

We all want to save money but no body wants to compromise and that is the reason every time we make plan and it gets failed. first we need to ensure that we should follow the plan religiously so that we can achieve our goal. these were some of our suggestion which you can follow and save bills on your groceries.

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