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Shawn Michaels Net Worth

Shawn Michaels was born on twenty-second July 1965, and he is most prominent from his ring name of Shawn Michaels. He has retired, but he used to be a very renowned wrestler, television presenter, and actor. Shawn is widely recognized as one of the most outstanding professional wrestlers of all time, and he is known for his nicknames of Mr. Wrestlemania, Heartbreak Kid, and The Showstopper. Michaels has done wrestling for WWE, and he started in 1988. Unfortunately, he suffered a fatal injury in the back, which stopped him from continuing wrestling. He has also performed in the next two years for non-wrestling roles and then returned to Texas Wrestling Academy, his own, in 2002.

Early Life

Michaels is originally from Arizona, and he is the last born out of the four children in his family. He was raised in a family with several military members, and he spent a small part of his early life in England. He grew up in San Antonio, and he disliked Michael in his name, so he chose to name himself Shawn. He moved with his father to nearby areas often when he was working in the military.

He knew he preferred a professional wrestling career when he was twelve, and he performed a particular routine for wrestling when he was in the talent show from his high school. He was already a very accomplished athlete, and his career commenced in full flow when he was six, and he commenced a football game with his friends. He used to play the high school and air force base, where he posed as the linebacker. He ended up eventually becoming the football team captain.  

Career Beginning

Michaels commenced his training career under Jose Lothario, a Mexican wrestler. During his training days, Michaels adopted the ring name of Shawn Michaels. He broke out as Shawn Michaels after Lothario’s training in the NWA. He also was doing Mid-south wrestling against Art Crews on 16th October 1984, but he lost to Crews. His performance in his breakout match proved to be impressive to the veterans, including Terry Taylor.

He broke out in WCCW in Texas and then went for the city of Kansas. He had a tag team partner named Marty Jannetty, and they played in the NWA central states tag team, where they defeated the batten twins. After he lost to the city of Kansas, he started wrestling for Texas All-Star Wrestling. During his time, he replaced Nick Kinski.

Personal Life

The first marriage to Shawn was to Theresa Wood, and he soon settled divorce and ended amicably. He is married to a former Nitro Girl of WCW known as Whisper, but her real name is Rebecca Curci. He got married in Nevada, where there was an event at Graceland Wedding Chapel. The event included an Elvis impersonator and the couple. Cameron Kade is their son, born on 15th January 2000, and their daughter was born on 19th August 2004 named Cheyenne. His cousin is also a professional wrestler named Matt Bentley, and he wrestled in the WWE and TNA.

Net Worth

The current average and approximate net worth of Shawn Michaels is about 17 million dollars. He has earned most of his net wealth from his wrestling career, and he has had a salary of three million at the peak of his career.

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