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Sonny John Moore is in the glam light and famous as Skrillex. He is an American talent who has built a stunning career in DJ, singing, music, songwriting, and record producing. Moore spent his childhood in Northern California and Northeast Los Angeles wherein he got admitted to the American band “From First to Last” in the role of the lead singer during 2004. When he joined the band, he got to record two stunning albums which include “My Teen Angst Has a Body Count” and “Dear Diary.” In 2007, he started taking a step ahead to begin his career as a solo performer. Moore became a part of the “Alternative Press Tour” and stood as support to “The Rocket Summer” and “All Time Low” bands. 

Early life                

Moore took birth on January 15, 1988, in Los Angeles, California. He resided in the Northeast Los Angeles neighbourhood of Highland Park. Later, he was brought up to the San Francisco neighbourhood in Forest Hill when he was 2-years-old. When he grew up at 9-10 years, he took admission at a boarding school. Moore’s parents were Scientologists by profession. Moore’s parents adopted him from his biological parents when he took birth, and he was not aware of it until 15 years.

Personal life

In an interview, it was announced by Moore that he hasn’t practised Scientology irrespective of his parents did. He stated that he enjoyed spending most of his time in music. In 2015, he experienced sad news with his mother’s death.

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At the age of 13-years-old, Moore started his career with his first band, The Riots. Further, he came up with “Hazel-rah” which was his second band. He became a part of “From First to Last band” at the age of 16. After leaving the band, he decided to plan his career as a solo performer.

Deadmau5 signed Moore wherein he got a chance to release “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites,” his EP. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception trailer also showed a glimpse of Moore’s performance with his music “Kill Everybody” featured in it. In 2011, Moore came with good news about his label OWSLA start-up.

In Beavis and Butt-Head revival’s first episode, Moore’s song got featured which was First of the Year (Equinox). On December 23, 2011, he came up with his 4th “EP Bangarang.” For the Wreck-It Ralph film in 2012, he came up with a Bug Hunt song wherein he also made a cameo with his DJ artistic skills. In 2014, Skrillex came up with his “Recess album” which was his debut album.

Awards and achievements

In 2011, Moore got on the nomination list for Grammy Awards. He got in the limelight by winning three prestigious awards for “Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical,” Best Dance Recording,” and “Best Electronica/Dance Album.” His hard-work made him recognized to be the one holding most Grammy’s winner world record as an Electronic Dance and Music Artist.

Net worth

Skrillex earned huge fame and glam in the world of DJ and recording producer. Being a talented and well-known figure in the Americal DJ industry, he earns a net worth of $50 as per the estimation.

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