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Slipknot’s Net Worth

Slipknot is very well known as an American Heavy metal band. It was formed in Des Moines, which is in Iowa. The group consists Percussionist and a drummer, and a bassist. Some group members are ShwanCrahan, Joey Jordison, Paul Gray. The band had nine members of the band. This group got the attention for the style of Music and Energetic and chaotic live shows.

Early Life

The band was based on the Heavy metal Scene in Des Moines, Iowa. The name of the band was known as Atomic Opera. That Band members included Jim Root, the guitarist,  a drummer was Joey Jordison, and they made thrash metal called Modifidious. After 1991, the guitarist left the band. Then he was being replaced with a local guitarist named Craig Jones. After some time, the drummer m another round called the Des Moines band, known as Heads On the Wall. By the year 1993, he was jamming with another vocalist named Colsefni. He handled all kinds of songs and played all the pieces in the basement. Jordison rarely worked with the band, and then Brained left the band. Eventually, the band broke up after some time. Then Crahan and Gray started their band known as Pale Ones. The band was made along with the local friends.


This band was initially formed in the Year 1995. The band members are Shawn Crahan, Craig Jones, Mick Thomson, Corey Taylor, Sid Wilson, Jim Root, Alessandro Venturella, Jay Weinberg. The band had other ex-members, mainly Joey Jordison, Paul Gray, Donnie Steele, Josh Brainard, Andre Colsefni, Greg Welts, Brandon Darner, Chris Fehn. Their kind of music is known for attention-grabbing style, Energetic, and trendy live concerts. The band is unique and has the type of their performance. They used to style their clothing based on thE performance they were giving. Each member of the crew had given a number from 0 to 8. They had made it into the controversies because of the song’s lyrics, which were linked to Violent crimes and Incidents. After some time, the music “Disasterpiece .”The band had worked with many albu, ms and some of them are All Hope Is Gone, We are Not You Kind, 5:The Gray Chapter, Slipknot. This brand has been nominated around ten times for the theme Grammy Award, and they had won one award for the song Before I Forgot in 2006.


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Personal Life

The band members manage their personal life and their workplace very precisely. Some of the name members quit due to better work, making the band famous.

Net Worth

Slipknot had earned around $25 million from work behind the band, and their albums had made famous enough among the audience.

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