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Smosh is a prominent American comedy sketch YouTube duo consisting of Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox. Padilla commenced the website as well in 2002 named Smosh.Com, where he made animations from a flash player, and then Hecox joined the group. They also soon began their YouTube channel three years later in 2005, and they quickly started becoming one of the most prominent channels on the website. The Smosh channel currently has over nine billion views and over twenty-five million subscribers, making it one of the nine thousand most subscribed YouTube channels in 2021.

Early Life

The main beginning of Smosh is when Anthony Padilla created Smosh.com in the year 2002 and also created flash animations in then. He also commented that the name of Smosh came from an inspiration from a friend mispronouncing a mosh pit as a Smosh pit. Content creators who came before the release of YouTube would also visit Smosh.com to create artistic content; this list included a YouTuber named TomSka. His friend Ian later decided to join this project permanently after meeting during a sixth-grade science class. Both of them shared an interest in comedy, and they made several YouTube videos together. They made lip sync videos to Power Ranger, Mortal Combat, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song. Their friends praised the videos, and they ended up posting them on YouTube after their friends found them funny.

One of Smosh’s earliest music videos was named Pokemon theme music video, and they released it in the year 2005 on 28th November. It is followed with similar styles in their original breakout videos, and they also did lip-syncing in a duo for the original Pokemon animated series. However, the videos started gaining much more prominence than what they originally created. The videos gained over twenty-four million views, and they became some of the most viewed videos on YouTube at that time. Eventually, the evolution of dance video from Judson Laipply dethroned Smosh’s video and held that position until it was removed for copyright infringement.

Career Beginning

Smosh commenced their diversifying projects over the next few years, and they also started YouTube skits. They made some prominent videos, such as the That Damn Neighbor series and Food Battle. Smosh was consistent with the growth of their prominence, and they soon gained the position of one of the most subscribed YouTube channels. Smosh went through a re-design process in 2009, and they added a section of gaming channels and extras in the video selection.

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Personal Life

After Mythical Entertainment acquired Smosh, they started reaching out to new members and have created new shows. The cast list of Smosh has been changing for a long, and it has gone through several new additions. Ian Hecox, however, remained a constant member since 2005 and was with Anthony Padilla when they started making videos in 2005. Keith Leak Junior has also been a complete and part-time member of the channel for the last few years.

Net Worth

The current net worth of the Smosh YouTube channel is around four million dollars. They still make videos and are in contact with all the members of their team. Since Defy Media closed down, Smosh has been consistent with its videos after signing with Mythical Entertainment. Some other members have left after that phenomenon, but new ones have joined in their place.

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