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Ian Stapleton was born on the 2nd of December 1987, and he is a prominent American YouTube personality and gamer. He has racked up more than eighteen million subscriptions on his YouTube channel.

Early Life

Ian is originally from Michigan, and he is a descendant of Irish and African ancestry. He has resided in a range of areas and grew up till his teens in Louisiana. He then shifted with his family to Virginia at the age of sixteen. After two years, he went on to live in South Carolina for over eleven years. He eventually started having marital issues and decided to shift to Canada and resided in British Columbia. Now, he is back in South Carolina, where he is living in Summerville and creating content.

He had joined the American Air Force military branch when he was a young adult, and he was delighted with his career. But soon left the military in 2013, and he made a video log about the whole thing and announced that he would be making more videos going forth.

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Career Beginning

SSundee first joined the YouTube community in the year 2009 on the 27th of November. He then uploaded his original video in 2010, named “Minecraft Rollercoaster W/ SSundee.” Many people are unaware that Ian was making videos on Call Of Duty before he shifted to Minecraft, but those videos are now private. SSundee passed the 1 million subscriber market in 2013 on the 23rd of August.

Personal Life

Ian first married Madelyn Joi in 2006, and they soon had their foremost son named Colton. Later Madelyn and Ian got divorced but soon remarried in 2014. 2017 marked the date when Madelyn and Ian separate again, and then in 2019, they had their son named Simeon. Ian has stated that his relationship has been significantly better since they have had their second son, and they are not getting into any gender discussions about Simeon.

Ian started his YouTube character named Derp SSundee, where he made an appearance in a Minecraft-themed video in 2013 for the first time. He has also collaborated with the YouTube personality of Lancey named Eddy on Lanceypooh.

Ian had also partaken in Team Crafted in 2013, and since he is prominent as a well-recognizable as a Minecraft YouTuber. He has also uploaded in entertaining gaming groups on YouTube, but he had to leave mid-2014 for a reason not yet disclosed. SSundee uploaded several Minecraft-themed videos in collaboration with Lanceypool. The pair started making several other videos and commenced their own Minecraft series.

Lancey and SSundee finally met each other in 2014 March, and soon they stopped collaborating because of some drama created by Lancey’s housemate, Crainer. Crainer sent recordings of numerous statements with heavy editing to make the tension between Ian and Lancey.

Lancey made a video in 2020 where he cleared any suspicions of tensions between him and Ian. He also stated that the argument between them existed because of misinformation, and the memories have subsided.

Net Worth

The current average net worth of SSundee is approximately 27 million USD, and his videos get about five million views on average a day. He earns above twenty-five thousand dollars every day, and that contributes significantly to his wealth.

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