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Steve Madden Net Worth

Steve is well known as a fashion sense and businessman. He was brought up in this world in 1958. He is the owner and Founder of the Company, Steve Madden, Ltd. This Company is publicly-traded. His fashion in the classic area can blow anyone’s style. He was one of the best designers who had designed the types used by many celebrities and the regular public.

Early Life

He was brought up in this world on the year 1958. He was born in Queens city, which is present in New York. The exact location of the Queens is the Far Rockaways. He was in a mixed family of Jewish and Catholic. His mother was Jewish, and his father was Catholic. He had done his schooling at the local school of Nassau County. He had graduated from the University of Miami. After completing his studies, he had to return from Long Island. After completing his studies at the University, he had stared his job by selling the shoes on the mobile Van. He had started his career with the sum of $1100. He had two siblings, and he was the smallest of all.


By profession, he is a fashion designer as well as a businessman. He is in the frontline of the news because of the controversies that made him famous. He was in the information because of the “Pump and Dump “brokerage house owned by his friend Stratton Oakmont. He was his childhood friend. He was the one who had helped him to expand his business and lend him the money. In 2000, he was accused of false, misleading statements during the Class Period. He was also charged with a money laundering case. He was sent to 41 years of jail. Then he had to resign from the public trade, known as Steve Madden, Ltd. Be, was released from prison in 2005. After he was released, he made a success of $100 million to the success of the $475 million within a year. Then, the Company was named the Company of the year because of Steve Madden. He was awarded many awards for his work, such as Footwear News Achievement Awards. Now he is in the position of Founder and chief designer. He was also granted with NASDAQ honors Steve Madden & 20th Anniversary and Two Ten Foundation Honours Steve Madden.

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Personal Life

He admits that he is a continuous alcohol consumer, and he also tales drugs. Law had to take action, and he was sent to rehab to discontinue alcohol and drugs. He got married to Wendy Ballew. She was the former director of the Company. When he got released from jail, he had three children named Stevie Madden and Goldie Ryan Madden. The couple finally filed for divorce in the year 2015.

Net Worth

He holds a total net worth of $300 million, which he had to get from his business company is known as “STEVE MADDEN, LTD.”

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