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Tanner Fox Net Worth

Tanner Fox is a highly successful and popular Youtuber from the United States of America. He came into the limelight after launching his YouTube Channel naming MT Films in the year 2011. He mainly posts daily Vlogs and shows users his daily life experiences and activities. He posted his first ever video on YouTube on September 9, 2011. He is also a professional Stunt Scooter driver and keeps on sharing his skills on the YouTube Channel. There are several types of videos that he has posted on his channel, such as Vlogs, Fails. Tours, challenges etc.

He has more than 8 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel, and if we sum up the numbers of followers that he has all over the social media, then it will be over 12 million. Total views on his YouTube Channel is more than 700 million.

Early Life

Tanner was born on December 22, 1999, in San Diego, California. He has one sister named Lindsay with whom he grew up. He always has a thing for skateboards and scooters, and he practised them throughout his life. He was highly inspired by a professional stunt rider known as Dylan Morrison, and it led him to become a professional stunt scooter rider himself.

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Career beginning

Tanner started his career at a young age of 11 as he started uploading videos at that time. He was once even kicked out of his school for filming and uploading the video of his class on YouTube. His first video got more than 20 million views which gave a great boost to his career. If we talk about his most popular video on YouTube, then it is a Diss Track that he made for RiceGum, and it has more than 54 million views and counting.

Tanner also has his personalisedmerchandise then he sells on his website; tfoxbrand. He has got several endorsements and sponsorships, which brings him a hefty amount of income. He participated in the ACE Family Charity Basketball Event in which several other popular Youtubers such as JC Caylen, Tre Carter took part.

Personal Life

Tanner had a girlfriend named Taylor Alesia who is an Instagram model, but they broker up later on. He also had a cute dog names Kirby Fox who died in the year 2018. On July 14, Tanner want to party hosted by Jake Paul; popular YouTube vlogger where several other creators came. After the party, Fox tested positive for Coronavirus, and he also posts a vlog about it. He even called Jake and others on camera and broke the news to them. Jake said that he didn’t care as he already got the tests done.


Tanner fox net worth is around $6 million, and he earns its maximum portion from YouTube. His Youtube channel is growing at a rapid pace, and with each view increasing on his Youtube Videos, his Net Worth is inclining too.According to the reports, Tanner earns over $180000 each month from YouTube. He is only 21 years old and already a millionaire.

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