Taraji P. Henson Net Worth

When it comes to some of the finest talents in Hollywood, Taraji Penda Henson is a name that will surely appear on the list. Taraji is an American actress and has given several mind-boggling performances in different films. She had completed graduation in acting from Howard University and have several guest appearances in various TV shows before she got her first break in the movies. ‘Baby Boy’ was her debut film and was released in the year 2001.

One of the best performances of her life came in ‘Hustle and Flow,’ in which she portrayed a prostitute and received a lot of appreciation for it.Taraji also received a Screen Actors Guild Award for that role. She also got an Academy Award for the role of Single mother of a Disable child in ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.’ She had a fantastic career in the film industry as well as in Television. She starred in numerous top TV series and also received several awards for her remarkable performances.

Early life

Taraji was born in Washington D.C. on 11th September 1970. His father, Boris Lawrence Henson, worked as a metal fabricator and a Janitor. Her mother was at the post of corporate manager at Woodward & Lothrop. She has two younger siblings, but she is most attached to her maternal grandmother.

Henson completed her graduation from Oxon Hill High School, Maryland, in the year 1988. She studies drama at Howard University, but before that, she tried her hands in Electrical engineering while being in the North Carolina Agriculture and Technical State University.  She did several part-time jobs to pay for his college fees.

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Career beginning

Henson started her career in the 1990s by doing some roles as a background artist. He got his first lead role in the year 2001 from the movie; ‘Baby Boy.’ In the year 2005, she got a role in ‘Hustle & Flow’ along with Terrence Howard. One of the best films of her career came in 2008, which was named ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ and in it, she was cast opposite Brad Pitt. She received the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for that movie. She earned several nominations and awards for Rubin’s role in ‘Taken from Me: The Tiffany Rubin Story.’

‘Hidden Figures,’ released in the year 2016, was one of the biggest successes of her career and received three Academy Awards, One Screen Actors Guild Award, and Two Golden Globes.

Personal life

Henson married her school time friend William LaMarr Johnson who was murdered in the year 2003. They both have a son named Marcell, who was born in 1994. In 2014, Henson claimed that the police had searched her son’s car without any legal notice. Later, a video was published in which her son gave verbal consent to search his car. Drugs were found in his car, and after that, Henson apologized to the police and her fans through Instagram.

Net Worth

Taraji P. Henson net worth is over $25 million. She is one of the top actresses in the Film Industry, and most of her films dogood business at the Box Office.

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