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Tay Zonday Net Worth

Tay Zonday chose his career as a songwriter and also a voice actor. He had done his job in the bass Singing voice. He is also an American Youtuber. He is also known as Chocolate Rain Guy. His original name is not Tay Zonday. He had kept this name as a Pseudonym. He is known for his singing of his. He got the name chocolate rain because one of the videos went viral in July 2007 on Social Media.

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Tay Zonday’s Early Life

When he was born, he was named Adam Nyerere Bahner. He was brought down in this world on 21st May 1982. He was brought down in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the US. He holds the ancestry of American and African. He had two siblings, and his parents had the profession of teacher. He is the smallest of his parent’s children. He had done his schooling at Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy. He didn’t complete his education from graduation. He had done the graduation from “The Evergreen State College in the year 2004. Then he enrolled himself in Ph.D. studies. He wants to become a teacher. He had done with his master’s degree in the year 2008. He shifted to Los Angeles, which is in California. He kept his name Tay Monday because he wanted to separate his academic name from his professional reputation.

Tay Zonday’s Career

He had started his career in 2006. While he was studying, he performed in the Open Mic nights. Slowly he began to complete online. He shows his talent on social media. In April 2007, he had uploaded his viral song, Chocolate Rain which had gained immense audience love. Then after that, he made his appearance on national television. He had performed in the shows like Opie& Anthony Show G4TaB’s Attack of the Show. After he had made the viral song, he participated in Youtube Competition. Then he was seen in the Los Angeles Times on 12th August in 2007. On 12 th February 2008, he had made his appearance in his friend’s show which was known as Lily Allen Friends, on the BBC. He was also seen in the commercial for the Last Laugh, which Lewis Black hosted. He also did a singing song for the Firefox web Browser called Users Against Boredom. He was also won the Grammy Award for the Music video for the band known as Weezer. He was featured in the Jace Hall Show. He had done the Count Chocula voice-over in the Adult Swim Robot Chicken in the 16th Episode of the fourth season.

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Tay Zonday’s Personal Life

At an early age, he was being diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. Then he was under observation of the Psychiatric at the age of 37. Then he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He was also Debilitating with Hyperacusis.

Tay Zonday’s Net Worth

He is the owner of the 500 thousand dollars he had gained from the music he had done in his career.

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